You’re Not Alone


I will be writing about the world of Solitaire. Keep checking in to see what is new and exciting.


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  1. Jimmie says:

    I hope that this brings the many coaches that are solo players to this site!! great add

  2. clmdesign says:

    Thanks, I think that this is the forgotten market. Not everyone plays in a league. Feel free to add more comments.

  3. Coach k-lo says:

    Even though I play in 5 leagues currently, I still enjoy the peace of Solitaire Football.

    I use it for training my players to perform their “jobs” in league play.

    I work on the execution of various plays that help my teams gain the winning edge!

    Once I return to that league I will be able to post more in this section….

    I have these teams ready for play
    99 Rams (being redone)
    98 Broncos (being redone)
    Falcons (full)
    Ravens (full)
    Bengals (hand painted)
    Texans (full)
    Cardinals (full)
    Chargers (full)
    Packers (full)
    Titans (full)
    49ers (decals but will add FM)
    Raiders (full)
    Cowboys (partial)

    these are the most current complete teams of 45 plus players with bases.

    who know, I might find more time to play………..

  4. detroitchild says:

    Although I do not have much time for solo play I still enjoy it as a relaxing way to enjoy this great hobby. I’ll be resuming my solitaire league after my current season in the GLEFL is over. I’ll be checking here from time to time.

  5. eflfanatic says:

    I plan on getting back to some solitaire play with a CFL league this fall. Teams will be in the Retro Uniforms they have been using this year.

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