What Is Your Playing Philosophy?

fourthandinchesI just spent about an hour talking with one of the finest coaches in all of MF – a true gentleman and sportsman.  We were discussing some recent situations in games, rules, etc… During my return MF over the past couple of years I have encountered and witnessed many interactions which have made me stop and think about my MF philosophy.  What is my MF philosophy?  Do I need one to play and enjoy the time I have – or just roll in, plug in and play?  Mostly due to some changes that life provides for us I have decided  to take this year off from league play.  This past weekend I was able to catch some of the BAM action via online video and cell phone – which was nice.  But, it got me thinking about my recent MF experiences and led to my recent phone discussion.

As a “real” coach for the last 25 years of various sports my approach to coaching has evolved and gone through many transformations as I have matured in the art and science of coaching.  My approach to teaching, team organization, game day management, and so many other details of the profession have changed.

While watching other MF coaches during the past couple years I have often wondered what is their MF philosophy? Not just the X’s and O’s of how to make plays work – but their approach to the game and how they handle situations that arise that challenge their philosophy or belief system for why you play the game?  And how does it affect their reactions and responses to challenging situations that arise and what do others take from those encounters?  And finally, does their philosophy add to the betterment of the game of miniature football – or does that even matter?


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