What DOES the NFL stand for?????

No-FunLeagueI don’t think one can say the NATIONAL football league, ………………uhhh maybe the PCFL  Politically Correct football league????  No wait, ………….they are making the QB’s wear skirts, …………. The Sensitive, Politically Correct Football league, ………….or maybe the IMFL, …………..The Inconsistent Message football league, ……….or just ……………… yeah, …………..you know what I’m getting at.  No, ……..I’m not a Rush Limbaugh fan, but, …………….I am someone who can’t stand hypocrites.  Roger Goodell is ruining this league.   Roger Goodell is a hypocrite.  He says no to Rush Limbaugh because of “supposed insensitive comments” which have now been proven to be false AND retracted by CNN.

HOWEVER, ………….the NFL does allow one, Keith Olbermann, a devout lefty on the Sunday Night Football in America;  two, Mike Vick, a controversial convicted felon back into the league;  and three, Fergie a member of the black eyed peas, who sings lyrics that call CIA agents terrorists.  Roger, ……………get consistent will ya?????

It has become increasingly clear that “political correctness”, and fear of being “offensive” and the term “tolerance” all go down a one way street for liberals.

I ask Goodell, ………….why are you being so intolerant and narrow minded of not allowing some like Limbaugh the opportunity, ………………….I said, …….. the opportunity to have ownership in your exclusive club.  If you allow the above mentioned representation, participation, and OWNERSHIP, respectively, ……………then what’s up Roger???

For the record, …………I don’t like Limbaugh, I rarely listen to him, ……..he lost me years ago with his attitude and drug abuse.

The nfl is pricing itself right out of middle America’s reach, they are a money making greed machine.  As I have seen many times of the message board, the whiners post about “why can’t some company make nfl teams??” Some posters even have the oblivious attitude that they are owed cheap reproduced nfl teams, ………………..hey, ….this ain’t the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, ………..ITS 2009!!!!!!    The age of BIG $$ via Television and video games, …………..

By the way, …… nfl stands for some others things you have read or heard over the years, ……….things like the No Fun League, ……….and No Family Life, ………..got some??    How about Nitwits For Lefties???

Would love to see them.


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  1. It’s all about ticket sales. Regardless of what he has done; Mike Vick increases ticket sales. Fergie is an entertainer who increases ticket sales. Quarterbacks such as Tom Brady bring fans; therefore, he as well as other star players must be protected. Rush Limbaugh owning a team does not increase ticket sales. He is controversial and his presence won’t bring revenue. Therefore, the NFL can’t use him.

    If a person is controversial, but they can help the business grow, there is a chance that the person may be allowed to come on board provided that they stay within set boundaries.

    It is hypocritical to overlook some flaws and reject other flaws, but we aren’t talking about religion. Sports is not the church, mosque or synagogue. Sports is uncut business.


    The Electric Coach

  2. jimmie says:

    I wouldnt even justify that crap with answer,but people who like Rush Limbo are mad that money cant buy u everything and the stupid things you say can make you rich because of the dummies who listen to that crap but it cant buy any rich white guy a team.

  3. CoachRip says:


    I told you before in a private email that I was tired of your racist remarks, and I was done with you. YOU ARE a RACIST!

    Your race baiting won’t work here, any of your comments on my blog from here on will be deleted… That’s right, MY blog, my rules!

  4. btower06 says:


  5. This issue involving Rush Limbaugh is similar to the incident that ocurred on CBS’ NFL Today back in the 80’s with Jimmy the Greek. The difference is that it involves Limbaugh attempting to own a team.


    The Electric Coach

  6. Coach k-lo says:

    you made this statement and it is becoming more true every season:

    “The nfl is pricing itself right out of middle America’s reach, they are a money making greed machine.”

    i work in NFL stadium and every season, if I had to buy tickets myself, I don’t know if I would be able to afford to go week-in, week-out

  7. coachrip says:

    The Real issue is consistency, ………and the NFL is not consistent, the reason given by goodell was “controversy” as I stated in the blog, it does not wash as there are other controversial figures in ownership. goodell is a clown!

  8. Yes, there are other controversial persons in ownership, but what type of controversy are we talking about? Personality conflict can be controversial, but it does no harm to a business.

    The type of business will determine the type of controversy it will and can tolerate. In the business of sports, racial controversy can not be tolerated. It can not be overlooked. This is especially true if the racial controversy comes from a team owner.

    If a team owner has issues about a particular race, it would be wise for him or her to keep it to themselves; or at least don’t get caught voicing those issues. Extreme care must be taken if the team is comprised of people of the race in question. Rush Limbaugh has already made it clear what his opinion is of black people; therefore, the NFL will not allow him to own any part of a team.


    The Electric Coach

  9. CoachRip says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm …………….Larry Johnson, …….this should be interesting……..let’s see how mr. inconsistency handles this one…….

  10. Remarks made by a player are not as serious as those from a team owner. Moreover, Larry Johnson’s remarks are nothing compared to those of Rush Limbaugh’s.

    Although Johnson was foolish for making such a statement, it’s nothing to make a comment about a person’s personal sexual desires. It’s everything when negative comments are made concerning one’s race; especially when those comments involve black and white people because of the bad history between the two races.

    Given the nature of the business, time will be allotted for Larry Johnson’s foolish blunder to blow over. Over time people will forget about it. Now that I think about it; people probably don’t care what he said. The NFL is going to put him back on the field as always because players bring revenue.


    The Electric Coach

  11. CoachRip says:

    Sorry Mo, ………..You are WRONG on this one…..Intolerance IS Intolerance, This is why the “hate crimes” legislation is sooo bogus. You can’t have a preference over which type of intolerance is less offensive than another.

    The common denominator here is No crime was committed by either Rush or johnson, however, hate crime legislation was designed to stop intolerance, but as many critics have predicted, this type of legislation would put(value) some groups in front of others, as your post has proven. You are saying racism is more important than homosexuality.

    I would venture to guess a gay person would have a very different opinion than you. One can’t hide behind intolerance for an argument and then let someone else off the hook for another type of intolerance.

    If one truly examines rush’s statement, he actually called the press racist, and put out a statement that would cause debate, it ended up being controversial, it was not mean spirited.

    larry johnson made statements were mean spirited and made out of malice.

    Ask the animal rights folks about mike vick. Many would argue (myself included)that he paid for his mistake, let him back. He went to jail, lost his money AND he lied to bozo goodell. But he was let back into the league….. he gets a second chance….

    larry johnson has previously made slurs and allegedly attacked a woman. This day and age, women and homosexuals have minority status. He has been let back into the league. Some argue he got a second chance…..

    some would argue that rush stepping down from monday night football was his punishment, although no crime was committed….no second chance?

    Yes, I see major inconsistency in the nfl, which is what the post is all about.

  12. Rip,

    It’s not about what’s more offensive. It’s about what makes money. That’s what the NFL is about. If Rush Limbaugh brought revenue to the league, he would be allowed to own a team; regardless of past comments negative or positive. Players get away with stuff because they are cash cows for the league.

    Michael Vick’s return to the league brought revenue in jersey sales, tickets, and other paraphernalia. It’s only a matter of time before a movie is made. His crime was not a crime that put him away like a murderer of people.

    A less popular player would have been kicked out of the league if he had gotten into trouble like Vick because “no name” players don’t bring revenue.

    Let’s say if a popular white player made a racial slur on the field to a fan and to another player. The player won’t be kicked out of the league. The league will smooth things over with the fans and other players and allow time to pass. Afterwards, the player will be allowed to return. Why, because the players bring the revenue.

    To you it’s inconsistency, but to the business of NFL it is a method to the madness.


    The Electric Coach

  13. CoachRip says:

    let’s try this one….
    This video shows how much of a hypocrite bozo goodell is……. he couldn’t even respond to the question about fergie and j-lo

  14. Goodell didn’t appear to have trouble answering the question. Although Limbaugh’s statement wasn’t racist toward black people, his statement undermines the progress that black football players have made over the decades. Limbaugh’s statement is an indirect attack on the NFL’s business strategy. The statement is harmful to the NFL’s business strategy because it suggest that many black football players don’t deserve to play or be heralded; namely Donovan McNabb. The statement combined with the fact that owning a team doesn’t generate revenue for the league is why the NFL may be slow to allow Limbaugh to own a team. If he had kept his mouth shut about black players, he would be talking now about team ownership.

    I have a deep loathing for the “N” word. It is a word that should never be used for obvious reasons. Unfortunately the “N” word has become a term of endearment or male prowess mainly for black males. Sadly black people are accepting of the “N” word regardless of the context it’s used in. The music industry parallels itself with the NFL. Music and sports go hand-in-hand. Therefore when J-Lo or any other entertainer says “N”, it is accepted. It does no damage. That being the case, J-Lo was allowed to invest her money in a team. Along with that, her star power brings revenue to the league. Because of whom she is and what she does helps the business strategy of the league. Unlike Rush Limbaugh, fans may come to the game hoping to get a glimpse of J-Lo, get an autograph, or take a picture with her. The same applies to Fergie. Moreover, nobody cares about the CIA, NSA, FBI, police, or the park rangers, etc. Saying a few lines in a song about the CIA or any other law enforcement agency doesn’t hurt the NFL’s business plan(s).

    The Electric Coach

  15. CoachRip says:

    I don’t think people rush out to buy nfl tix because j-lo is part owner in a team. Come to think of it, I can’t think of anywhere where SHE brings revenue to the nfl.

    Goodell gave an answer, ….but it did not answer the question.

    You and I agree on one thing, the double standard over the n word…… and the double standard itself is racist……. it’s not okay to let someone to use it (in whatever context) and crucify someone else for using it.

  16. You are absolutely right that fans aren’t rushing to Dolphins games to see J-Lo. Primarily the players are who the fans want to see. The players are the constant element. Without the players, the game, the business does not exist. In an effort to keep the game marketable and or interesting, more attractions have to be added from time to time.

    I don’t know all that went into the business deal between J-Lo and the Dolphins’ franchise. I only know what I see on the surface. The power of suggestion is a business tactic. Based on what I see, the Miami Dolphins’ franchise wants to tap into the Hispanic market. The Cowboys are doing the same thing by interpreting game commentary in Spanish.

    Basically speaking, Miami and J-Lo equals Hispanic ticket holders. That relationship helps the league. Rush Limbaugh and he owning a team equals another guy owning a team. It’s nothing wrong that, but Rush’s views concerning race disqualifies him for team ownership. Whether he is aware of it or not, Limbaugh has issues about black people.


    The Electric Coach

  17. artlax says:

    Man – talk about double standard.

    How about Rushbo railing on about people who abuse drugs, etc…they should all be in jail -but then when he gets caught doc shopping to get more pain meds it is a different story.

    His is a devisive force that no real business entity needs – the NFL, Walmart, etc…

    The formula he uses works to bring him big bucks – would not work to bring anything positive to the NFL – too bad because I think he really enjoys football.

  18. Although Limbaugh has had a drug problem, I don’t think that it would have blocked him from owning a team. Drug issues are personal issues that do not insult anyone. Moreover, one can get help for their addiction.

    We have witnessed the NFL allowing players to return after a bout with drugs. I think the same would apply if a team owner(s)succumbed to some form of addiction.


    The Electric Coach

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