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fourthandinchesLately I have noticed many new names on the forum – and actually received a couple emails from coaches returning to the hobby after a long absence.  Well – it was only a couple years ago that I returned to the hobby.  Upon my return I found the MFCA site – not unlike many others are now doing.  I was amazed at how many new figures, boards and innovations that now exist in the game.  In future posts I will be commenting on many of the exciting, new additions to the game and sharing my opinions on situations and developments in the hobby.

Robert “Artlax” Slate


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  1. David says:

    I’m in Memphis,Tn. and when I mention electric football to people they look at me as if I had grown a 3rd eye.
    Currently looking for a board to play on,I didn’t realize I had 14 teams until I recently moved and now I can’t wait to start playing again.
    I’m really impressed with the new figures and all the new accessories.

  2. NATIONAL says:

    When I attended the Miggle conv in Philly, I was blown away by all the advancements…and that was in 98???! Wow, have I been around that long! LOL

    David – I hope you find some guys that want to play out there. Try setting up a game in a public place..like a mall, or bowling alley, or sports bar.

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