Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update
Week 17
Sunday January 20 – Saturday January 26, 2013

Thanks to Mike Veliky and his TWENTY-SEVEN games this week the SCPC set another record with FORTY total games entered this week. Five other owners entered at least one game. Great week!

The SCPC now sets at 288 total games, 187 different teams, and 17 owners/coaches. We will conclude our fourth month of competition next week, and are nearing the midpoint of season one. The growth of SCPC is amazing. In October 60 games were entered. November was down to 56. December jumped to 74, and now January has blown the top off with 99 and counting. Remember, the season goes through June so any and all solitaire coaches still have plenty of time to get their teams involved.

Let’s start in Ray Sugg’s Dream Season where it was a busy week, except by Mike’s standards, with six games played. In the NFC South the Saints defeated the Panthers 17 – 14, and it was the Bucs 21 and the Falcons 14. Tampa Bay is in control of the South at 3 – 0 which has earned them 23 SCPC points and the 58th ranking. In the AFC North the Steelers won a close one over the Browns, and the Ravens did the same to the Bengals. Both games had a final score of 10 – 7. This division is like that. No game has been won by more than seven points. The Steelers are 3 – 0 and have 22 SCPC points, but the others are all right there: Ravens 17 Bengals 16 Browns 13. The Dream Season’s week wrapped up in theNFC North where the ‘85 Bears took care of the ‘91 Lions 21 – 14, and the ‘66 Packers handled the ‘73 Vikings 21 – 10. The Pack is 3 – 0, 29 SCPC points, and the Dreamiest Dream Team at #34. Go-Pack-Go (It physically hurt me to type that!)

LeMay’s newly formed World League of American Professional Football had two interesting games this week. The Birmingham Americans got off the schnide and won their first game, defeating the Chiefs 16 – 14. The win moved them all the way from #138 to #71. In the other World League game the Vikings took down the Cowboys 20 – 13 (Ahhhh, that felt much better). This was a huge game. The Vikings came in at 3-1, but had slipped out of the top twenty. The Cowboys were at 4-1 and in the top ten. Now both are top ten teams. The Cowboys slipped one spot #8 while the Vikings jumped back into the 9th spot.

In the ECFA Texas won over SMU 15 – 9, and Arkansas rolled Rice 30 – 17 in a game that broke several ECFA and SWC records. Arkansas is now 4 – 0 for 37 SCPC points, and Ed’s most highly ranked team at #21. Watch out for Texas though. With just two games in due to scheduling they have just broke the top 100, but they appear to be a force that all others will have to reckon with as the SWC and SCPC move ahead. When does Texas get a shot at the Razorbacks Ed?

In my Helmet Row Show conference the final NSIC teams played their first game. The game was played following Veliky’s new short game system which I really liked. The Battle for North Dakota round 1 went the way of the boys from Fargo as they out defensed their opponents from Grand Forks. NDSU 6 UND 3 was the final score.

Al got in his usual two contests this week. The Sasquatch dumped the Sumos 35 – 28 and in an unusually low scoring affair for the WMLMF the Bozos clowned around with the Werewolves and won 21 – 7. The Bozos made a strong move in the rankings up to #63 while the Squatch sit in the 45th position. An interesting note here is that ‘Weirdwolf’s’ Werewolves and the Kansas City Super Sumos (owned by Weirdwolf) both suck! The Sumos, 0 – 4 in SCPC games, are #107. The Werewolves are now 2 – 2 but dropped out of the top 50. If you read this Lynn, please understand that Al cheats and your teams will never do well. You really need to start your own solitaire league!

JK overheadFinally, twenty-seven games in the NJLMFL is a lot of games, teams, and numbers to summarize. Mike now has two things going. His SB56 tournament is underway, and he is also playing other games with teams within their SB56 divisions. The following are the results of those games and a few notes:
Cowboys 16 Rebels 9
The Cowboys are now 5 – 2, one more win for bowl eligibility, and moved up to #3. They are just the third team to break the 60 SCPC point barrier.
Renegades 16 Dolphins 9
Titans 20 Freedom 13
Titans 4-2 #17
Packers 13 Bears 7
Vikings 20 Metros 14
Texans 26 Jaguars 20
Bobcats 7 Chargers 0
Error report: The Bobcats’ first game loss to Cannons was down as a win. Fixed
Shamrocks 20 Thunder 6
Panthers 14 Falcons 13
Warriors 13 Rams 0
Chiefs 17 Longhorns 14
Jets 17 Patriots 10
Wranglers 16 Cougars 13
49ers 20 Cardinals 17
The 49ers are now 5 – 1 and ranked 6th. The Cardinals have suffered back-to-back losses to the Knights (#1) and now the 49ers. They are 3 – 2, 37 SCPC points, #23, and have clearly played the toughest schedule of all 187 SCPC teams.
Packers 16 Bears 10
Giants 20 Cowboys 17
Huge win for Giants 3 – 1, 37, moving them to #11.
Mustangs 13 Blues 6
The Mustangs’ two wins are both over the Blues.
Steelers 21 Browns 20
The Browns, SB55 runner-up, hold the #2 ranking again this week despite the upset loss..
Steelers 23 Wranglers 20
Pittsburgh with two wins this week sit at #25.
Vikings 24 Packers 23
The Vikings have won 4 straight and are now 4 – 1, 39, #16.
Giants 20 Shamrocks 14
This is the Giants 4th straight win.
Texans 17 Titans 14
Texans make the biggest jump of the week – EVER – moving from #103 to #19!
Mustangs 20 Panthers 7
The Mustangs are 3-1, 37, #22. The Panthers, 2-2 #103, have 0 QWBP.
In SB56 tournament play the following games took place this week.
Patriots 10 Trappers 7
Trappers first game – one and done!
Bengals 10 Bobcats 3
Bengals’ first SCPC win
Blues 10 Rebels 3
Oilers 14 Jets 3
Generals 13 Freedom 9
Generals’ first SCPC win.

There you have it. Another week of SCPC action all wrapped up. Keep playing solitaire everybody. If you’re not entering your games please do so. The more the merrier. There is plenty of time and room for everyone.

Veliky’s Knights hold the number one spot for a third consecutive week. They didn’t play, but they gained QWBP as the teams they’ve defeated won games. Mike now has ten of the top twenty teams. He’ll slow down eventually though and the rest of us will catch-up. Those Knights are going to be tough to unseat though. You just keep on playing Mike; we’re all jealous! LOL!


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