Vikings and Chargers Fight It Out in 2012 Season DSMFL Super Bowl!


by David Nickles

This is David Nickles bringing you the latest news from the DSMFL Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta. Let me tell you, there were some great battles and upsets this weekend. Every soldier brought their A-game and brother let me tell you they left it on the field. Let’s talk about the wildcard game in the AFC. The Cleveland Browns coached by Leroy Edwards took on the Ravens coached by Joel Pritchard. The Ravens were holding no punches back and Cleveland was not going to lay down and take it. The Ravens were trying to put the Browns away but the Browns wouldn’t go away. It was the mistake that cost the Ravens the game. The Browns ended up beating the Ravens 17-14. The rookie beat the veteran Joel Pritchard! What a shocking game.

I talked to Joel at the end of the game and I asked him what happened. Joel said, “I tried to put the rookie away early and quick but I left a lot of plays on the field”. I take my hat off to the Cleveland Browns and Coach Edwards for a job well done.

The Chicago Bears coached by Bill Jones took on the Cowboys coached by Gary Pate. The Cowboys had the Bears beat. Everybody in the room figured the Cowboys had too much offense and defense and thought it was a sure win for the Cowboys but somebody forgot to tell the Bears. The Bears were too legit to quit. Coach Jones hit a pass that this reporter could not believe. If he had missed it would have been a sure win for the Cowboys. The hole was smaller than the eye of a needle, but that did not stop this great coach. He threw that pass right through the eye of a needle and still had room on both sides. He hit the receiver and won the game and the crowd went wild!

What a upset in the NFC! I asked Gary what happened and he said “I don’t know, but I’m tired of that Bill!”.


The Chargers coached by Coach Rafiyq took on the Bengals coached by yours truly, David Nickles. Everyone knew this was going to be a damn good fight and buddy it did not disappoint. The Bengals came out with a nasty defense going up against the Air Coryel offense of the Chargers. The Bengals were coming out with some quick nasty punches and the Chargers were giving it right back. The Bengals nailed 2-point conversions, but the Chargers had a answer for all of that. It came all the way down to the last play selection. The Bengals chose the wrong play and the Chargers beat the Bengals 28-24. These two coaches headed across the field and shook hands. Both coaches looked at each other and said, “Man, we brought the best out in each other. What a game!”.


The Saints coached by Allen Ridgill took on the Vikings coached by Charles Lane. These two veterans know each other so well it’s just unbelievable. The Vikings came out and were dominating the Saints in the first half and had them 14-3. You would think any team would buckle under that but not Coach Ridgill. The Saints are known for gambling and had a trick up their sleeve. Coach Ridgill went for an onside kick and got it. The Saints battled their way back into the game and put up 17 points in the second half. The Vikings had no answer. Coach Lane was sweating bullets because he knew time was running out. The Saints drove the ball down the field and with one play left the Saints had I more gamble up their sleeve. He had one last chance to put the Vikings away but the Saints made the wrong play selection and got stopped. The Vikings won the game 21-17. I talked to Coach Lane, “Man I’m whooped. Wow, that was a hell of a game.”

Before I get to the Super Bowl, there were a lot of games played this weekend.

Here’s the scores of the rest of the games this weekend:

Chargers vs Browns 35-24
Vikings vs Bears 24-0
Bengals vs Steelers 29-27
Bengals vs Chiefs 27-0


It was Charles Lane and the Minnesota Vikings taking on Rafiyq McDaniels and the San Diego Chargers.

Rafiyq and Charles came into this game exhausted from their previous games, but these are warriors and they knew they had to suck it up this time. Rafiyq missed several passes and Charles was missing some unbelievable passes. Rafiyq had one chance to beat Charles with a wide open receiver, but missed his receiver and Charles won the game, beating the Chargers 27-22.

Coach Lane is the new NFC and SUPER BOWL Champion of the Deep South Miniature Football League.

I asked Charles what it would have taken for Coach Rafiyq to win the game and Charles said “This game could have went either way. I am just happy Rafiyq was off on his passing game today.”

There were many great coaches here this weekend. Congratulations to Charles on a great and hard fought victory!


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