Tudor Games “How To Play Electric Football™!” Hey Jimmy and Bud…were here to help!

Official-Tudor-Logo-BlueHey Bud L. and Jimmy J. We saw your commercial and just wanted you to know that you forgot something. Bases…DOH! We love the effort and it was a nice try, but we want you to know that this game really can be played with the men going where YOU want them to go and without men falling down or spinning. Tudor Games put out a great video displaying some of the basics of game play.  Jimmy, you lost because you weren’t prepared, man! Good electric football™ coaches are always prepared and ready to play. Come on over and the true Electric Football™ champs will show you guys how and then you can pick up some great equipment and game sets at www.tudorgames.com

Watch this video by Tudor Games and be ready for some great game action! Electric Football is the best football game ever when you play it right!
(We couldn’t embed the video, but please go watch this one!)


Here is the commercial that may have inspired some of you to check out/Google Electric Football™  We hope that you take the time to put on the bases and play the game! We will help!


Electric Football vs. Jimmy Johnson _ Extended – Bud Light NFL Commercial


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