The Top 20!

LegendsWe are back with the next installment of the Greatest Coaches of Miniature Football’s first 64 years. This list was started in 2010 and was intended to come out in the final edition of the Tweak magazine in 2011. That issue never happened. In the Winter 2010, Issue 15 of the Tweak, we listed coaches 64-21. Some of the coaches ranked 64 through 21 liked their ranking and others didn’t. Everyone has an opinion and this is just that, an opinion. What makes this list so special is that we have judges from every region of the MFCA. We used old vets and we picked some of the new blood that is now in the hobby. Every judge submitted his top 20 and points were awarded. Today we will find out the top 20 voted by our esteemed panel of judges. Here are the final Top 20 Coaches.

Download The TWEAK extra here: The Top 20!

Download the first article from THE TWEAK Issue 15 here: 64-21


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