Returning to the Miggle Action…..Coach K-Lo

lomaXsandOsLooking forward to this week of action at the Miggle Convention!!!!   It has been a long time (10 years) since I actually played in the Tournament.

Well, it’s going to be sooooo much fun to join all my EF brothers at the Miggle.   Some I have not seen in years.  While there are others who I just left last week!

This one should be alot of things to see and games to be played.   I need to bring all my stuff for the collectors to add to their collections.  Rare 620’s, hogleg teams, haiti original teams, etc for the those that want it.

Looking to play in some Mid-Ohio games, MFCAL games, Green room Rumble, and otherwise scrimmages from room to room!

I will have a large number of bases for sale that have been tweaked since Nov.  They will be on a first-come basis.

If anyone wants something special from me, need to let me know before Wed noon….I will be offline until I arrive Thurday.

Now for this post, I need to figure out my attack plan for Miggle games. You get the 4 down to score plan and then you get the games.  I would like to get a high seed, but that is not required.

Painting up a team, but it most likely will not be able to play with them…but we will see.  If not, I will have to grab some Miggle teams and switch the bases…..but they are ready and they are all Miggle bases from the last few conventions and the Prolines.

Looking forward to games against some of those who don’t play alot and looking  for MFCA games against anyone who want to play.  Should be lots of fun for all!

See you at the end of the Week!!

Coach K-Lo


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