The MFCA’s Original Announcement


We are excited to announce the formation of the

Miniature Football Coaches Association!

The MFCA is the product of the miniature football community. No one person can claim to be its originator. The idea was brought together through a collective effort of a number of individuals both on the 12 member nationally represented startup committee and outside of the committee from the miniature football community.

We have a broad and aggressive agenda. Many of the items on our benefits list will take time and the help of the miniature football community to achieve. They are goals that can, should be and will be achieved. As an Association we are going for a TD. Just as in football to get that TD we must first reach a number of first downs. Increasing membership, providing valuable information and increasing our benefits are those first downs! Unifying the Miniature Football community is our Superbowl!

Over the next few months the MFCA startup committee will be asking for assistance from the miniature football community to serve on the many additional committees that are being created. This will be your opportunity to be part of and add input to the formation of the MFCA. We are looking to provide the best possible Association that can exist and it will require your participation and support.

Below you will find information on our name choice, mission, costs and benefits. Please read through these carefully and openly. Much thought, discussion and effort has gone into this by the startup committee. We hope that we have included all the things that a national professional association should provide for their membership. The MFCA is for you and is here to represent you regardless of the way you play the game, what products you choose to use or if you are a beginner or long time player.  Thank you to the many advisors, coaches, mentors and manufacturers who have provided advice and direction in the formation of the MFCA!

Our Name: Due to the trade marking of the words “electric football” and “EFL” a name was chosen which the committee members felt best represented the game and hobby we have all come to love and play. It in no way is to be confused or assumed to be a part of any existing leagues and or companies which carry the use of the word, “miniature” in their title. The MFCA is an independent and all inclusive association open to all forms, rules, leagues, coaches and products which fall under the “Miniature Football” definition below.

Miniature Football Definition: Miniature football players on bases which are propelled over a miniature football field through the vibration created by an attached electric motor.

Our Logo: The number 7 represents the 7 regions which make up the MFCA. The player is a generic custom figure representative of the advanced detailing that now exists but also carries a somewhat traditional recognized miniature football form. A dialed base was chosen to show the ability to control the figures directions and the ability to coach the teams. The lightning bolt represents the power that propels these miniature men on their bases. Blue shield and red trim were chosen for the representation of the United States, green represents football and gold for the high standard and integrity that the MFCA will achieve. The shield represents the Association and defends our hobby. Seven stars, one for each region.

Our Mission: Unifying the miniature football hobbyist by promoting miniature football, educating the public and providing a unified association which recognizes and supports the diverse coaches and leagues.

Membership Costs: $30.00 annually

Membership Benefits: (includes future and immediate benefits. Future benefits are marked with an *)

  • Quarterly Downloadable Professional Newsletter/Magazine featuring tips, league announcements, coaches articles, photos, interviews. (With increased membership a hard copy magazine is the eventual goal) The first issue is already under construction!
  • Laminated “Credit Card Quality” Membership Card
  • Annual all inclusive MFCA educational event and convention with seminars, national awards ceremony, contests and vendors.
  • Discounts to events and products
  • National and Regional MFCA sponsored events with awards including painting/customizing, fastest man, strongest man, best passer, etc.
  • Coach of the Year award
  • League and members contact lists
  • Regional elected representation to the National MFCA Board of Directors
  • Bylaws regulating the workings, voting processes and procedures of the MFCA
  • * Coaches Rankings *
  • * Online Hall of Fame recognized on MFCA website *
  • * Promotional materials and tools for new leagues and coaches *
  • * Educational, promotional and training DVD’s *
  • * Online historical database including league records, rule sets, coaches records *

The Association is divided into 7 regions shown below.

MFCA Regions

Each region will have 2 elected representatives to the National MFCA Board of Directors.

International Members may choose which region they wish to be a part of based on their proximity and ability to travel to a selected region.

(Regions may be adjusted by the Board of Directors based on MFCA membership dispersion)

How to Join: The website and registration page are under construction and will be online no later then April 21.

You will be able to pay with PayPal or personal check.

Committee Signup: To sign up for a committee send your request to Please include any special area of interest such as national event, history, membership drive, coaches rankings, newsletter, educational material, etc and a short 1 or 2 sentence statement as to why you want to help. It is also helpful to know when you are available online and include a phone number so that we may contact you.

Advertising: If you are a manufacturer of a miniature football product we will have advertising opportunities available to you for the newsletter and the website. As a welcome we are offering FREE advertising in the first newsletter issue. The ad must be ready for print. For design specifications, contact If you do not have a ready to print ad, the MFCA Ad Department can design the advertisement for you for a design fee which will be donated to a general operating fund of the MFCA.

League Announcements: If you have a league announcement for the first issue of the newsletter please send it to Newsletter Editor, Matt Culp This can be requesting members, league forming announcement, game dates, etc. In future newsletters, league announcements will only be available to MFCA members. No personal dating ads will be accepted…sorry. (I just couldn’t resist that one)


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