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The Helmet Row Show is a first of its kind miniature football league.  The league’s true name is the Helmet Row Show Country Club.  Originator, mantaraydre, added ‘Country Club’ to the name in order do acknowledge the ‘no stress’ concept that is the leagues foundation.  The Row Show’s inaugural season is underway with six coaches competing with a primary and secondary team of their choosing.  Plans are already in place for expansion to four teams per coach and the start-up of a Pro Show league in 2012. 

Primary TeamsSecondary Teams


What makes the Row Show so unique is the fact that it is a competitive solitaire league.  That means that many of the issues that go along with regular league play are eliminated.  No travel, no arguments about rules, and fewer time restraints allow Row Show coaches to play their games when, where, and how they want to.

The Row Show is a solitaire league, but at the same time it is competitive.  mantaraydre, or ‘Dre as he is know to his peers, has set the Row Show up at  All six coaches’ teams are organized into a Primary and a Secondary conference.  Each coach also has additional teams in two conferences of their choosing who’s roll it is to be the opponents for their Primary and Secondary teams.  As games are completed results, including team and individual stats, are recorded on leaguedaddy.  leaguedaddy does the rest.  Win-Loss records, conference standings and rankings, as well as individual statistical leaders are all tracked.

Following a twelve week regular season, six games for each Primary and Secondary squad, there will be a bowl season.  The bowl games will consist of each coaches’ Primary and Secondary teams going head to head; they don’t play as part of the twelve week regular season.  What bowl game they play in will be determined by the combined ranking of each coaches’ teams on leaguedaddy.  The coach who’s teams have the highest combined rank will be playing in the Row Show National Championship.  To make things a little more interesting there will also be a Row Show Heisman Trophy winner.

The Helmet Row Show is a new, unique, and exciting concept that is bringing solitaire coaches from all over the country and world together in a competitive league for the first time.  For a few of the Row Show coaches this is the first league they’ve ever been a part of.

If the Helmet Row Show Country Club sounds interesting to you head over the the forum, or to leaguedaddy, and check it out.  If you’d like to join the Row Show contact mantaraydre or any of the other Row Show coaches.




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