The Devaluation of the player in the NFL, Come on roger!

GettingRippedAs one who played football, coached, and is currently an enthusiast, I find myself becoming more and more cynical of the nfl.   Of course that is the dream of many little boys, as they grow up, to play pro football.   But, ………………………….does it HAVE  to be in the nfl?   One of the latest topics of discussion in the nfl is an 18 game season.

As a child in the 60’s, I remember the 14 game season, and then the increase to a 16 game season in 1978.

As a fan, this is great, but, what about the players?  Now, I am not claiming to know everything there is to playing in the nfl, but as a Math teacher, I have mulled over some numbers.

Many players say “it’s not about the money, it’s about respect!”  ……………..but we all know it IS about the money AND respect.  The upcoming collective bargaining agreement will be interesting.

I think most would agree that playing football is a brutal sport and takes a toll on the body.

Here is how players are paid – a player gets paid his whole annual salary during the 17 weeks that make up the regular season, according to the NFL. That doesn’t cover what they do with the team before and after the season.

IF they go to an 18 game season, the season has increased by two weeks for a total of nineteen weeks.  The argument for more games is that the last two games of the preseason the “stars” are not being seen by the fans, and they are paying money for the tickets.   “The “stars” being rested, need to play.”

Why are they getting rested?  Because they have a grueling SIXTEEN game schedule ahead of them.  The games take a toll on their bodies.

In addition, this eighteen game season has many other far reaching effects.  The ones that ticks me off the most are the records.  Everyone makes a big deal out of 1000 yard rushers.  Well,……………… back in the day,  when a guy earned 1000 yards in the old 12 or 14 game seasons, that was truly a milestone for the player, and compliment to his teammates, (read “O” line).

Now with a sixteen game season we have announcers making a big deal over 1000 yard rushers, ………..but come on, …………….more of the older records have been broken due to the increased season length, NOT due to player performance/feat.

Here is what I’m talking about:    first let me say I CANNOT STAND oj simpson!  In 1973 he gained 2003 yards on one season, ……………….. In 1984, Eric Dickerson gained 2105 in a 16 game season, BREAKING oj’s record.  REALLY?

If you crunch the numbers, ……………….here is what you get:  oj averaged 143 yards per game, …………..Dickerson averaged 131.5 yards per game.   So what I am saying is, oj should still have, or be mentioned in this stat/record because, if he had played a 16 game season, it is likely, using averages he would have rushed for 2,288 yards!  If Dickerson would have played in a 14 game season, he would have likely ran for,………………………………………… OUCH!         An  admirable 1841 yards…………………..hhhmmmmmm,  but no record.

So, if the league goes to an 18 game season a real record would be, by oj’s standards,  an effective 2574 yards!  Now, that would be impressive.

But here is the thing, ………………more money is being made, more records are being broken, and many are forgetting about the feats of the older guys, ………………..the guys that built the foundation of the league.

But, the eighteen game schedule will have similar results, as teams clinch, they will STILL rest their starters.  But the players will have effectively earned a pay decrease per game.  And let’s face it, if you are an equipment operator, you get paid by the job, and much of the cost is using your equipment.  The nfl players is being asked to use his equipment and extra 12% (approximate) without compensation.

Another analogy is you have a contract to perform 16 concerts for $16 million.  The next year, the concert promoters tell you that because of nice weather, and demand for the music, the concert schedule has been increased to 18 concerts.  Your effective rate performance went down from $1 million per concert to $888, 888.00.  The IS an effective decrease in pay of over $100,000!

Come on roger, think of the players!


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  1. The game requires all that a player has within 16 weeks. If the NFL intends to increase the number of games to 18, they will have to make some changes. The changes may include increase the roster number from 53 to 63 and increase player salaries. Moreover, some rules may change. Rule changes can help to extend the longevity of a player through out a season; perhaps a career.

    In regards to breaking records, that will change as well. An example would be the 2000 yard rushing title. In an 18 game season, that milestone will be treated like a 1000 yard season. The new rushing record for an 18 game season will be the 3000 yard rusher. A back needs 166 yards per game to reach 3000 yards in 18 games. Only the “chosen one” is going to reach a milestone of that caliber.

    Changes such as these are inevitable if an 18 game season is to be implemented because its only natural for people to want more when they are asked to do more.


    The Electric Coach

  2. THE FOTH says:

    First let me say it sucks having all these nicknames….I can never remember my login info!
    2ndly let me say that is always great to see a blog by Rip
    I wouldn’t want to see the league go to more games. So I agree with Rip.
    I don’t agree with the notion that Dickerson is not the all-time leader. If my memory serves me correctly, he had the record by the 14th or 15th game. The 16th game just put it out there. If he knew he had only 14gms to do it, I’m sure he would have put the pedal to the floor!!!
    The 1,000yd rusher in 16gms is not bench mark. I remember one of the nfl shows doing the math on the 12gm, 14gm & 16gm seasons. The mark for a 16gm season is 1,300yds!!!!!! Not 1,000yds.
    It’s not the single season marks that I look at but I feel the career #’s would take a bigger beating by adding more games to the schedule.
    If they want to give the fans more, then they should look into expanding the playoffs to allow more teams.

    the F.O.T.H. is Nat’l

  3. coachrip says:

    1300 yards?? I don’t hear the talking heads making a big deal over 1300 yards, ……..they still talk in terms of 1000 yard rushers, ……….If they are talking in terms of 1300 yard rushers, please point me in their direction.

    As far as Dickerson goes, he gained over 300 yards his last two games of the record setting season, 215 in game 15 and 98 in game 16, with 27 and 26 carries respectively, …… he didn’t coast those last two games.

    Maurice makes some good points, how can they make a CBA without knowing how many games will be played in a regular season, ……….not to be confused with a constipated season, …which may happen 2012!

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