Electric Football’s “Capitol City Clash”, Buzz’s With the Fourth Leg in the Tournament of Champions!

capitolcityclash-logoThe childhood game of Electric Football thrives with new realism, strategy and competition as the 4th event of the Miniature Football Coaches Association Tournament of Champions begins at the Holiday Inn College Park, College Park, MD, April 7-9, 2017.

Electric Football was one of the most anticipated gifts by young boys on Christmas mornings throughout the 60’s and 70’s. The game eventually gave way, after selling 60 million games since its beginnings in 1945, to the video game market. However, hundreds of these boys kept the game alive into adulthood and eventually brought it back to the new level of realism and competition that it enjoys today.

The Capitol City Clash is the fourth leg in a series of six electric football tournaments with coaches coming from across the USA, competing for the championship trophy and title of “The 2017 Clash Champion”. The fifth event will be the Bama Blast in Oxford, Alabama in June and the final leg is held the last weekend of July in Dallas, Texas at the Electric Football™ World Championships and Convention.

Electric Football is very competitive! The “coaches” , however, stress sportsmanship, fellowship and share strategies, painting, customizing tips and occasionally a secret “tweaking” tip. Tweaking is the term used for how to adjust the prongs on the bases of the men to get them to perform with speed, strength and specific direction.

The tournament begins Friday evening, April 7, at 6:30pm ET with a coach’s rules discussion and tailgate cookout. Pool play begins on Saturday at 8:30 am and goes throughout the day late into the evening. The final rounds and championship are played on Sunday morning.

Admission is free to the public and parents, children, football enthusiasts, gamers, and hobbyists are encouraged to attend this exciting and interactive event.

April 7-9, 2017
Holiday Inn Washington-College Pk (I-95) Hotel Website
10000 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20740

Call 240-542-1223 ask for Jonelle Jacobs
Room rates are $99 a night plus 13% tax.

You can start early registration for the Clash now till March 22, 2017.
Early entry fee will be $30 for the TOC 4.0 tournament. After March 22, $40.
There will also be a 3.4 tournament once again this year. You cannot play in both tournaments. 
Early Entry fee will be $30 for the 3.4 tournament. After March 22, $40. You can send money via PayPal to dearellb@yahoo.com


2017 Capitol City Clash Itinerary

Friday, April 7, 2017

6:00-7:00pm Welcome Tailgate
7:00-7:30pm Coaches Rules meeting!
7:30-10:00pm Check ins and sign up
12:00am Game Room closes

Saturday, April 8, 2017

2 Groups, 3 Pool Rounds. 4-24 coach estimate-1-6 pools-3 games per coach (timed 25 min halves-no TO’s, ONE OT {if necessary})
If record at end of pool is tied the winner is: 1) head to head 2) total points scored 3) least points scored against

*Please note a FIVE minute grace period may be given to competitors to be ready for the kickoff of each game / half, after that a forfeit can be declared. An additional 7 points will be given to the winner. ALL forfeits are at the discretion of the tournament officials.

4.0 (Middleweight) TOC Group “A” (Larger room)

8:00am Game Room opens
8:25-9:20am Pool Round 1
9:30-10:25am Pool Round 2
10:35-11:30am Pool Round 3

* An announcement will be made as to the scheduled itinerary for this group

3.4 TOC (Lightweight) event. This event will be LIMITED to just 16 participants. If you are participating in this event you CANNOT participate in the EARLY 4.0 TOC (Group “A”) session. You may ONLY participate in the LATER 4.0 TOC (Group “B”) session.


*Please note* That should you CHOOSE to participate in both the 3.3 (lightweight) and the 4.0 (middleweight) events that you MUST use a separate team; AND, you will be competing approx. 7 straight hours and are subject to the forfeit rules. Further explanations later.

3.4 (Lightweight) TOC (held in smaller room)

8:10am Game Room opens
8:35-9:30am Pool Round 1
9:40-10:35am Pool Round 2
10:45-11:40am Pool Round 3

* An announcement will be made as to the scheduled itinerary for this group

4.0 (Middleweight) TOC Group “B” (Larger room)

12:00pm Game Room opens
12:25-1:20pm Pool Round 1
1:30-2:25pm Pool Round 2
2:35-3:30pm Pool Round 3

* An announcement will be made as to the scheduled itinerary for this group

4:45pm 4.0 Game Room opens
5-6pm 4.0 Elimination Round of 16 (timed 25 min halves-no TO’s)
6-7pm 4.0 Elimination Round of 8 (timed 25 min halves-no TO’s)

7:15pm 3.3 Game Room opens
7:30-8:30pm 3.4 Elimination Round of 8 (timed 25 min halves-no TO’s)
8:30-9:30pm 3.4 Elimination Round of 4 (timed 25 min halves-no TO’s)
9:30pm Announcements

Sunday, April 9, 2017 Championship Sunday
8:00 Game Room opens
8:15-9:30am 4.0 Elimination Round of 4 (timed 30 min halves)
9:50-11:40 3.4 TOC (Lightweight) Championship Game (timed 40 min halves)
11:45-12:15 Break
12:30-2:15 4.0 TOC (Middleweight) Championship Game (timed 40 min halves)
2:20-3:00 Trophy presentations
3:00 Tournament closes

Check out photos from last years Clash!


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