The 2012 Capitol City Clash TOC Photos

Clash-2012 (246)The first round of the new Tournament of Champions took place in Beltsville, MD, March 30-April 1, 2012! Dearell Brevard (Tournament Organizer) and Ken Allen (MFCA Board) oversaw the event that featured 43 coaches from as far away as Los Angeles, Alabama and Ohio. These coaches joined together with the locals to create one of the biggest and most challenging events in recent miniature electric football history! There were also numerous other coaches who did not compete and many spectators who came just to check out the action making for a literally packed house. The fellowship and camaraderie was amazing and most in attendance will tell you that it was one of the best electric football events they had attended for those aspects. The competition did not take a back seat to the friendships and fellowships that were being formed or renewed. Fierce battles by some of the best coaches in the nation took place on the metal gridiron as over 200 games were played over the weekend. Eventually, it came down to one game and the two top coaches. Damon Lucas from Detroit and our first TOC CLASH champion, Charles Lane from Chattanooga. They played a game that was an instant classic with a final score of 18-17. Congrats to both and congrats on the upstanding way these two coaches conducted themselves throughout the course of the tournament.

Playing for the first time with the new TOC Rules, there were numerous questions for the organizers and MFCA reps at the coaches meeting. Ken Allen did a fantastic job clarifying the rules and throughout the course of the event there were very few complications or altercations based on the rules. However, one coach was disqualified by the tournament organizer for using an illegal concealed material to weight his base. The material was retrieved and was found to be a small metal nut. Only non-magnetic putty and lead tape are sanctioned as acceptable materials for use as weights for TOC events. The MFCA has also taken action on this per our Code of Conduct rules. The MFCA Member coach was given a first offense notice and is suspended from all MFCA related events and the forum for a period of 60 days starting April 8, 2012. Furthermore, the Board of Directors is working on new penalties for anyone attempting to take advantage of the rules for future MFCA and or MFCA TOC events that will be announced prior to our next TOC event in June. Along with this there will be upgrades and new rules put in place for the check-in process that will be mandatory for all MFCA TOC events including lock down rules, magnet screenings and non-competitor officials.

If the Capitol City Clash is any indicator for the future of the MFCA TOC then we are looking at the start of something that will do nothing but grow and bring greater stability for the hobby, the game and its future. Thanks to all who worked behind the scenes, participated, played, and assisted in making this kickoff TOC event a huge success! Thanks especially, to all the MFCA members and coaches who play this game not only as skilled competitors, but with the character of our MFCA motto as their foundation. Integrity, Fellowship and Unity!

On to the Bama BLAST! Prepare those teams, study and know the rules and get ready for another huge event this June! You can check here for more info on the BLAST and to start making your hotel and travel plans.…-of-champions/

Skills Competition Winners
Damon Lucas- Kicking Champ – Perfect score 300 points
Damon Lucas – Passing Champ – Score 150 points ( the new elbows proved to be much more challenging)
Karim Campbell – Strongest Man Champ – Distance 17-9/16 inches 2nd – Joel Pritchard – Distance 16-8/16 inches
Butch Carter – Fastest Man Champ – Distance 34 inches


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