fourthandinchesDuring the course of my first year back in the game I spent plenty of time surfing the web – devouring information on the many leagues and innovations in the game since I last played.  During that time I made contact with the individual responsible for bringing me all the way back to the game – introducing me to league play – Lee “Doomsday” Landry.  Lee reached out invited me to consider joining the then NYEFL (now known as the CNYEFL).  I played my first games in October 2007, meeting the CNY crew (JW, Johnny, Air Jimenez, Thomas, JMac, James and more…

I wonder coaches – who brought you back or how did you return?

Thank you Lee for reaching out and being a good friend – and many thanks to the coaches mentioned above for welcoming me into the fold.


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  1. David says:

    coming across this website has stirred my interest in returning to the game,now if i can get the things i need to start playing again,it will be a beautiful moment in time.

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