Teams in your league?

This is the fun part of playing solo. You have the opportunity to create the teams that you want either NFL teams or imaginary teams this is everyone opportunity to be creative.

I for one use teams from the old World Football League and USFL, they are teams that I can no longer see on TV and this league gives me the opportunity to recreate all of those games from the past. I guess I still have the 14 year old kid in me.

I know that their are many solo players out there, so lets post what teams you have in your league. And if you have a league name please post that as well.

I will start…..BEFA (Basement Electric Football Association) Spring football is back!

NJ Generals, Pittsburgh Maulers, Oakland Invaders, Michigan Panthers, San Antonio Gunslingers …NY Stars, Hawaiians, Detroit Wheels, Portland Storm, Memphis Southmen

I look for seeing what everyone will post.


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  1. eflfanatic says:

    “The Music Ciry Miniature Football Association’s Solitaire Electric Football League celebrating the 1933 – 1939 National Football League.” Too long you think? Teams that will be featured 1933 Chicago Bears, 1934 New York Giants, 1933 Philadelphia Eagles, 1933 Pittsburg Pirates (Steelers), 1935 Chicago Cardinals, 1935 Detroit Lions, 1936 Green Bay Packers, 1937 Cleveland Rams, 1937 Washington Redskins, 1933-1939 Brooklyn Dodgers and later the 1933-34 Cincinnati Reds and 1934 St. Louis Gunners who played a grand total of 3 games as a member of the NFL. Why? because I always wanted to see these uniforms in color rather than just in black and white photos. Many Hall of fame players played during this time and I just enjoy old school football. Iron man teams, Single Wing and Double Wing formations, leather helmets,khaki pants, high top football shoes and NO FACE MASKS. The REAL MEN of professional football. Will play games on the original “Tru-Action” electric football game board. Hope to begin play in December. Dang!!! It’s already December.

  2. RavennaAl says:

    The West Michigan League of Miniature Football proudly presents the best imaginary teams in existance:
    The 2009 champion Canadian Sasquatch
    Battlin’ Bozos of Battle Creek
    Three Mile Island Toxic Waste
    Munich Third Reich
    San Francisco Flaming Fairies
    Kalamazoo Killer Bees
    Midwest Mennonites and the
    New Zealand Zombies
    2 teams that will be added this year are the Egyptian Ra and the Santa Cruz Tree Hugging Hippies.
    Long live solitaire football!

  3. Goldie300 says:

    No league name but here’s my teams:
    Columbus Rhinos, Norfolk Tide, Hartford Hellhounds, Biloxi Chomp, Honolulu Gilas, Portland Sting, Salt Lake Rush, and Calgary Lynx. Will be adding the Bangkok Macaques and San Juan Silverbacks when I finish the team I promised my nephew I would paint for him.

  4. IceedDaG says:

    I’m A Current Coach In The EFL Of TULSA,OKLAHOMA,I Have 6 Nfl Teams Out Of The 32 Teams We Have.My Teams Are,Dallas Cowboys,Detriot Lions,Denver Broncos,S.F.49ers,Indianpolis Colts,Houston Texans.Current Uniforms. I’ve Owned All My Teams Since I Was Around 8yrs Old.

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