Super What-Day?

GettingRippedLike many football fans, I am an avid watcher of the play-offs and super bowl.  As I write this blog, Saturday morning, I think back in time.  If memory serves me correctly, didn’t one of the conference championship games happen on a Saturday?  I think “The Tuck Rule” game was a Saturday night game…..but that was a divisional game,  I distinctly remember that game as many of us were gathered in a large room, playing MF in the first WinterFest……………………great memories!  But , now that I think about it………….I guess the championship games have always been on Sundays.

Tomorrow both championship games of the nfl will be played.  I love watching play-off football.  To me the games just seem to fly by as every play is extremely crucial.  However, why are both on Sunday?  That takes a large chunk of my day, and leaves too much Saturday for me to do stuff around the house, ………..come on, I need some break time, …………… can’t expect me to do stuff around the house all day with the “honey do” list. You can’t expect me to fold the laundry without anything meaningful to watch on the TV.  You can’t expect me to clean out the garage without a light at the end of the tunnel……………..Here would be my thought process, “ Okay dear, …….the game starts at 4 PM Saturday afternoon, so from one to around three thirty  I’ll be working in the garage, so I can’t go shopping with you, and I don’t think you want me to fold laundry because I’ll have some dust on me from the garage, ……………I’ll smell like garage, you don’t want me to handle those clothes…………”

The Wife just busted into my office as I write this,…………… and tells me she wants a new vacuum cleaner……………………..UUUUUHHHHGGGGG!

But now, ………..Both games are Sunday, Spike has his flag football games on Sunday at three, and we usually get something to eat after the game, …….so there is one game I’ll miss.  Yes, I can set the DVR, BUT IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME!

But, …………..this is only part of my frustration, ………….the super bowl is in two weeks.  And over the years, the start time has slowly crept into the latter part of the afternoon, into early evening.  I can remember as a kid, watching the Colts and Jets make history in super bowl three, I think the game started at 1 pm, I can remember this vividly because as the reality was setting in that the Jets were going to beat the mighty Colts. My friend, Rick Booser, who was a huge Colt fan, was wreathing on the floor with disbelief and the agony of the situation that the afl team dominated the mighty Colts.  By the way, ………………I watched that game “in color”…………..January 12, 1969.

I can remember the time of day because of Rick’s mom calling down to him, “Ricky honey, do you want me to make you something for dinner?”  Rick yelled back in a defiant indignant tone, “ NO, …………..I’M NOT HUNGRY!”  At that point Mr. Booser, who was sitting down with us, listening to the game, having a beer, and reading the paper, said in a stern voice, “Rick don’t talk to your mother like that!”  Uh oh, ……….was I going to witness pages from the Booser discipline manual?  Thankfully, Mr. Booser’s “Dad voice” was only step one of four, and it was enough to get Rick back in line.  (Remember as kids of the 60’s we would talk about how our parents disciplined us?)

I think that game started at one or two pm because I walked home and it was still daylight outside.

The big game proceeded to gain more recognition, and curiosity, thanks to Broadway Joe’s “Guarantee” and subsequent victory.  Over the years the super bowl evolved and metamorphosed, from a big game, into an event.   Super bowl parties, super bowl commercials, super bowl merchandise, and super bowl halftime shows, etc. do nothing to enhance the game.

And the one thing that I really have to chuckle about is the pretentious designated starting time.  It’s always something like kick-off at 6:23 pm.  Nothing convenient or common like 6:30, it’s down the exact minute.  Soon they will be adding the seconds too, like 6:23:08 PM.  Okay we get it, you guys have the ability to micro manage with NASA like precision…………I’m not impressed and it does nothing to enhance my life.  This year it is 6:28 pm.

Try to look forward in time to when the game will take place in ten years.  I’m guessing late February.  We have gone from the “Greatest Game Ever Played” in 1958, Colts Giants Championship in December around Christmas time through January and into February.  I understand adding more games and more teams will push the game further from the beginning of the year………………… a matter of fact, I’m okay with more games!   I’m okay with a shorter “doldrums” season.

But one thing, Roger dodger, could you please do something for us, ……………..the fans, that make this whole thing work?  Could you please move this event to Saturday night?  Saturday night, …………..what a concept.  There are efficiency geeks out there doing studies about how much money the Monday after the game costs the US economy in lost production and inefficient work.  Sick days and hung-over workers are not good for business.  I think I read somewhere or heard that you don’t want an American car that was assembled on the Monday after the super bowl.

Saturday night.  That leaves Sunday, ……………………..ALL DAY Sunday, for the nfl channel to dissect the game, and for the fans of the champions to savor  the sweet taste of victory.  Think of the fans roger!

Saturday night, …………………..that leaves the opportunity for many a hung-over fans the chance of getting the evil eye from the preacher/priest/pastor  in church Sunday Morning.  Or worse yet, fans not go to church for being “ill”.

Saturday night, ………….. that takes some stress out of Sunday night when workers know they have to get up Monday morning to get kids ready for school and go to work.

Come on roger, …………..think how Saturday will enhance the fans’ lives.

Come on rodger, ……….. Saturday night, is right night, to watch the game we love!


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  1. Dimitri says:

    “I can remember as a kid, watching the Colts and Jets make history in super bowl three, I think the game started at 1 pm”

    It should be great to see the superbowl on afternoon or at least on saturday evening…because since in France it’s the ONLY football game showed on french tv (not including sattelite espn and pay tv of course) we should be able to watch the game on sunday evening or saturday night !

    Imagine that here in France, the superbowl starts at midnight, and finish at 4am on monday morning ! 😉

    I’ll watch the game, of course…but I don’t think NFL will create interest here in Europe with one game by year, broadcasted on sunday, 0am !

  2. Dimitri says:

    Too bad I can’t edit my comment, I should read again before posting 😉

    Reading my last sentence, I think I made a judgement mistake : it’s not the fault to the nfl if we can’t see games on free tv here in france…since we can see them on pay tv or pay satelite, so I believe any tv channel can broadcast the games…but if anyone watch them…

    Well anyway, I’ll buy some energy drinks and coffee, and reserve my monday to sleep after the superbowl…night !

  3. coachrip says:


    The nfl does however, want to expand. You make some great points from a European point of view. Which is another plus for having the game on Saturday.

  4. Rick DeJong says:

    Saturday Night… hmm… I like it!!

  5. Fred "Bignasty fm" says:

    It sounds good but I look forward to the 3 day weekend. I always take a vacation day for the day after the superbowl and the day the madden video game drops. Then my wife gets the rest of my vacation days. lol

  6. NATIONAL says:

    I think I like the championship games on the same day. I was watching nfl network and they were showing the dallas vs GB game from 90something…Madden mentioned the same thing, these games should have their own day!
    I like the set up that’s in place with both games being played on the same day.
    I also like Super Bowl Sunday!!! It just has a ring to it. Plus for all those people that like to party or go clubbing, if the game was on Sat you couldn’t do both.
    Saturday is your run around and do things day. Sunday is a lay back & kick your feet up, and there’s nothing better than doing that and watching the biggest game in the US.
    I do feel like they are moving it too far into the evening…for east coast that is. But it all comes down to money and status. This game is primtime, and they want it in that prime time slot. Looking forward to all the hoopla that surrounds it too. I just wish my 49ers were playing!!!!!

  7. CoachRip says:


    Clubbing????? …………….I’m not an animal rights type of guy, but killing baby seals with clubs is disturbing.

    So I take it, having the games on Saturday night would save baby seals? I’m all for saving the critters.

    On a serious note, I want the game on Saturday for my enjoyment. I really don’t like watching a big game on Sunday night, knowing I have to get up early to take the kids to school and go to work…………….CorEy, ………I don’t want to be in a building that you worked on Monday after the super bowl.

    Fred, you are hard core taking a vacation day for the super bowl.

    Thanks Rick for being a “Saturday nighter”…..

  8. ChrisStacey says:

    I think having the Super Bowl on Saturday would
    be OK.Those that party can sleep-in the next day
    and not have to take a “sick’ day on Monday.Hey,
    take Monday off anyway.We’re use to it being on
    Sunday but we could/would get use to it on Sat.
    I mean, look at the Pro Bowl this year.It’s the
    week BEFORE the Super Bowl.What’s up with that ?
    We’re use to it being after the SB,but we’ll adjust.
    George,they did indeed use to play a Conference Champion-ship game on Sat. and the other
    on Sunday,because WE watched one on TV at one of
    your Winterfest events one year.I remember it well
    because it was nice and cozy inside and there was
    snow on the ground that weekend.I don’t remember
    the year but I do know it happened.Great memories.

    Chris Stacey

  9. CoachRip says:

    Goodell has done many things to change tradition, I think the super bowl should be another, ……………..look the pro bowl is one major change, designed to get more viewers, and he also totally revamped draft day, ……….starts Friday night, ………..everyone remember that one? The idea was to have the nfl on tv longer. If the super bowl was moved to Saturday night, I think the league would get more world wide viewers, …………..which is what he wants for expansion.

  10. detroitchild says:

    You know George….you may have a good point on moving the SB to Saturday. Most people can’t get Monday off and the real partying can start AFTER the game on Saturday. Not a bad idea.

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