Sixth Grade Class Project Completion

It took a while but the sixth grade class in Northome did finish their restoration project.  They even painted up their own teams, tweaked bases, played games, and learned a thing or two along the way.  You can go to the Forum and view the ‘Miniature Football Class Project’ thread to see everything the kids did.

Miniature Football Class Project Forum Thread

Each of the students wrote a thesis paper about the class project, all of which are posted on the forum.  Three of the best ones are posted below.


My class and I restored a miniature football board for our class project. What I`ve realized for a while now is that this project helped my class and me in many different ways. For example, we have learned to listen to what our teacher is telling us.  Our miniature football board even helped us get along better.  Our board has also helped us in school activities like English, science, math andChris other different school classes.

Our project has helped us in many different ways. For example, it helped us listen to our teacher. When he wants us to do something we need to pay attention so he doesn’t have to repeat what he`s saying.  That`s how we will know what he wants us to do so we can do it right the first time and get it done faster and better.

This project has also helped us get along better, because we had to take turns painting,waxing and cleaning.  We all had to be involved in different things to get the job done.

One final thing this project has helped us do is school classes like math, English, and science.  It helped us in math by counting yards when we play games. It helped us in English by writing game and work summaries.  It helped us in science by learning about  how the little players run on the board. The waves push the little players down the field.
That is how our MINIATURE FOOTBALL class project helped us in many different ways.

Miniature Football

DylanOur class project was to fix up an old antique miniature football board.  I think the process of restoring the board taught our class about teamwork.  This project has been really challenging at times which required us to work together in order to accomplish our goal of making this board new again.

When we were working on scrubbing the rust off the board we had to go to the industrial arts room.  We thought it would be easy, but to tell you the truth it was very hard.  It took our class weeks to finish. We worked together to get it done and done well.

Our class used teamwork through out this project.  We restored the flags, poles for the flags, and even the playing board and stadium. We also painted teams, like the Raptors and the Convicks, with a partner and put decals on the teams.

We also had help from others out side the class room.  For example Mr.Bob, and Mr.Avenson helped us in the shop.  Wierdwolf, Grandmaster KC, and Rock Soild donated supplies for our board.  Our Class would like to give a big thanks to every one that helped us and gave us advice throughout this process.

Restoring the board wasn’t just about teamwork.  We also had to work with science.  Science is a big part of Miniature Football.  The science of Miniature Football has mostly to do with waves.  Some of the wave terms we learned are transverse waves, amplitude, wavelenth, node, anti-node, and standing waves.

Now we are playing on the board and writing game summaries to help perfect our writing skills.

This project required teamwork and help from others.  We all worked toghter to accomplished our goal.

Football Board

One day our class arrived at school and saw a very old football board.  A football board is a vibrating board that little plastic football players slide on.  Our teacher told us that we were going to fix it.  I thought we would fix it really fast and start playing.  I sure was wrong!  I was amazed at how much I didn’t realize about the project.Micheal

First, we had to take all the paper off the field because is was old, and had water damage.  The sides, as well as the scoreboards were rusty.  The scoreboards were so rusty that the dials wouldn’t turn.  We drilled the rivets out and used WD-40 and sand paper to get the really course rust off.  Finally, we used a grinder to make them really smooth.  Then when we had all the rust off we used wax to make it smooth and shinny.

Doing this project has been a lot more than I had expected. The football project made lots of boring subjects really fun.  We used English every day to post our progress on the MFCA website.   We used science to understand how the players moved.  We even made a big slide show explaining it to other people.  We use math when we play the game to find out the number of yards we gain or loose.  We also used math to measure how big the board was to get the right size field cover.

Another thing I didn’t realize is the way the game is played.  The game is very complicated, especially when the professionals play.  They set their players up so that they turn each other.  They also have special passing equipment and special boards.

When I saw the board I thought it was going to be a small hobby.  Now after completing our project I realize it is a really fun and big hobby.


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