SCPC Week 32 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 32

Sunday May 5 – Saturday May 11, 2013

SCPC Official Stats:

14 new games, 1 new teams, & 1 new owner this week

517 total games,  233 different teams, 20 owners/coaches

18 bowl eligible teams (six or more wins)

17 five win teams still alive

25 four win teams still alive

7 Weeks Remaining

This weeks games:


UND 35 BYU 28


Ark 21 Tex 14

NMELF (Big Ten)

Ill 17 Iowa 14

Mich 24 NW 21

Ind 35 MSU 21


Rams 21 Bengals (David Roller MOFL) 0

Union Jacks 21 Ducts 7

Mennonites 28 Sasquatch 7

Cadavers 6 Bozos 3


Cardinals 35 Lions 24

Browns 17 Bengals 14


Patriots 31 Broncos 28

Buccaneers 17 Rams 14

Dolphins 17 Steelers 14

Most of our SCPC owner/coaches do a very nice job of posting game/league results and updates on their own games and leagues.  There is some very exciting action taking place in them all.  For the sake of time, and a little different focus this week, I encourage you to check out all the action in each league’s thread on the forum.

As for the SCPC and how the game results affected the overall rankings……………here goes.

My NSIC teams are all now 1-1, and unless I really get going none will be bowl eligible – this is one of my busiest times of the year.  Hence, this summary is two days overdue.

With their big win over Texas, Arkansas matches Baylor’s 6-2 record and trial the Bears by just four points in the SCPC race.  Arkansas also becomes Ed’s second top ten, bowl eligible team at #9.  I know some of Ed’s SWC teams play non-conference games against the Big 8 soon; not sure which without looking at his thread.  The big questions here: Will either team get more games in and contend for the championship?  Will there be a bowl eligible team from another owner in the 3.3 Tweaked division?  Owen’s Skulls are in the best position, but the lad seems to have lost interest.  Dad will have to see if he can get the boy going……………….He does like his teams Ed.  He’s just into other things right now.  Kids…………………………

Michigan and Indiana continue to be the top teams out of Wittkop’s NMEFL.  Michigan sits at #53 while Indiana is back at #72.  OSU and UM join those two at 5-0.  Brian will have bowl eligible, top ranked teams very soon.  Northwestern and Iowa both fell off the pace with losses.  Michigan is out front due to wins that netted them QWBP over Northwestern and Notre Dame.  Other’s will catch-up as they get a shot at more QWBP too.

Charles Angell’s St. Louis Cardinals are now 3-2, 33, #94.  It will be fun to see who wins the current CAPEF tournament and how far they rise in the rankings.  This will set the stage for what could be a HUGE tournament of champions in June from CAPEF.

The Dream Season is over for the Patriots and Buccaneers, but with their wins the two will face off in the 3.3 Dream Season Championship game.  In regular Dream Season action the Dolphins stayed undefeated, while giving Pittsburgh their first loss, and entered the top 5 at #5.  The Steelers sit at #12.  We should see that epic rematch between Green Bay (#6) and Chicago (#28) soon.  The winner of the Dream Season tournament could very well end the regular season in the top spot.

Finally, Al’s WMLMF teams are now playing exhibition games in order to bolster their SCPC rankings.  The Union Jacks, Mennonites, and Cadavers all won and are sitting around the .500 mark and ranked in the #50 – 60 range.  The big move by Al – a brilliant move actually – was to pit his Gumbo Bowl Champion and undefeated Rams against David Roller’s Cincinnati Bengals from the Mail Order Football League.  The move brings Roller on as our 20th SCPC owner/coach.  The Bengals not only are from a different owner than the Rams, but they play two divisions higher than the Rams in SCPC play besides.  The Rams not only won the game, they dominated it!  A 21 – 0 shutout alone earned the Rams 8 points.  They got an additional 4 bonus points – 2 division and 2 game scenario – for defeating another owner’s team from a higher division. In addition, the wins by the Union Jacks, and Cadavers, both of whom the Rams have defeated, earned them an additional 4 QWBP.  All those points put the Rams in a spot no one but Mike Velikey and his San Fransico 49ers has been in since week 18.  After a fourteen week stay at the top by the 49ers, Al Dunham’s That 70’s Rams are the SCPC’s new number one team.

Congratulations Al, and thanks to your strategy of pairing the Rams against Rollers Bengals we now have 20 owner coaches.  Awesome!

Now: Can the Rams build an even bigger points lead?  Can Velikey and LeMay ramian quit with Dunham on top?  Will Dunham’s strategizing continue?  Rumor has it the Cows are traveling to Minnesota for some exhibition play (Sorry I haven’t called you back Al.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Cows in person.).  Which of Sugg’s Dream Teams will live the Dream, and can they unseed the Rams?  How fast and far will Wittkop’s Big Ten teams rise.  Will Skulls ever be heard from again?

In less than two months we’ll know all of this and more.  Most importantly, in less than two months, we’ll know which teams earned SCBCS Bowl Games and who has a shot at the National Championship!


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