SCPC Week 25 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 25

Sunday March 17 – Saturday March 23, 2013

SCPC Official Stats:

13 new games & 5 new teams this week

429 total games, 221 different teams, 19 owners/coaches 9 bowl eligible teams

14 Weeks Remaining

Brian Wittkop’s NMEFL led the SCPC with 6 games this week.

Notre Dame 14 Michigan State 10

Indiana 21 North Carolina 10

Northwestern 21 Oklahoma 14

Michigan 28 Arkansas 0

Minnesota 19 Syracuse 11

Wisconsin 19 Ariszona 7

Michigan is the top ranked NMEFL team at #119.  As Brain finishes up week two of Big Ten play, and gets week three rolling, look for his undefeated teams to crack the top 100.

Chris LeMay’s WLAPF Cleveland Browns moved to 4-2 with a win over the Chiefs.  The loss dropped Kansas from postseason consideration.  The Brown

Charles Angell's Hog Leg teams participate in the SCPC.

Charles Angell's Hog Leg teams participate in the SCPC.

s move up to #25 with the win.  The game also earned New York two QWBP wich breaks a tie giving them outright control of the #2 spot in our rankings.

Mike Veliky’s NJLMFL have a new team flirting with the upper rankings.  The Miami Dolphins unloaded on Denver 31 – 10.  Miami, now 5-2, enter the top ten at #9.  Velikey’s 49ers continue in the #1 ranking for the eighth consecutive week.

In my Helmet Row Show NSIC conference my UM Golden Gophers suffered their first EVER loss!  In state underdog UMD destroyed the Gophers 31 – 10.  UM is #87 and UMD is #115.

Charles Angell’s CAPEF saw the Houston Oilers defeat Buffalo 17 – 14.  Houston may be team to watch in the coming weeks at 2-1.  A few more wins will give them a SB title and push them way up in the rankings.

Week five of the DREAM SEASON must be drawing to a close.  Green Bay defeated Washington and St. Louis took care of New Orleans.  The Packers are now Sugg’s top ranked team at #19.  With a number of teams at 5-0 week six of Dream Season play will really shake the SCPC rankings up!

Finally, the South Park Cows put up another 45 points in taking out the London Union Jacks.  The Cows, 5-0, are Al Dunham’s WMMFL’s top ranked team at #28.

The number of bowl eligible teams is still stuck on nine, but we are getting more and more four and five win clubs every week.  Wittkop is rolling into week three of his league and will soon add to that group.  Sooner or later Veliky, Sugg, Morgans, Dunham, Gross, and LeMay are going to get to the games that will match up some of these fringe teams.

Then we’ll see…………………….


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