SCPC Week 24 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 24

Sunday March 10 – Saturday March 16, 2013

SCPC Official Stats:

13 new games & 8 new teams this week

416 total games, 216 different teams, 19 owners/coaches 9 bowl eligible teams

After 24 weeks of SCPC action we have reached a number of milestones, way more than we ever imagined when this began.  Several more ‘firsts’ occurred this week; one of which blew me away!  We are still stuck on just nine bowl eligible teams though, all in the 3.3 Limited division.  However, there has been some movement near the top of the rankings, and a number of teams from the other three divisions are climbing the rankings and sitting at four and five wins.  We’re starting to see some new teams entering the top twenty-five, and – here’s the shocker of the week – a number of coaches actually played more games than Mike Veliky this week.  Never thought we’d see that. LOL!  Makes me wonder what Dogwood30 is up to.  Actually I know, he told me he did some painting this week.

Our newest SCPC owner/coach, Brain Wittkop, is playing NMEFL games at a Doogwood30 style pace.  He completed week one of the Big Ten schedule.  Washington defeated Illinois 17 – 14, Indiana handled FSU 21 – 10, and Michigan crushed Nortre Dame 28 – 7.  Week two is underway in the Big Ten now with Ohio State doubling up Penn State 14 – 7 and Iowa pulled one out over Texas 21 – 17.

Brian now has 22 teams entered in the SCPC.  Ohio State and Iowa, both at 2-0, are his front runners.  They are both way down in the overall rankings, but are just a few games behind the top ranked Unlimited division teams of Ray Sugg.  The Buckeys jumped up 28 places and the Hawkeyes jumped 34.  If Brian keeps playing games at this pace he’ll see the top of the rankings quickly.  Michigan is the top debuting team at number 165.

Just one game in Mike Veliky’s NJLMFL this week.  It saw the Arizona Cardinals defeat the Memphis Blues 13 – 10.  Curt Warner led a late scoring drive to pull the game out for Arizona.  Mike has 64 teams in the SCPC.  His San Francisco 49ers remain at #1 this week.  Arizona, 4-3,  moved up to #17 with this week’s win.  Their three losses have come to the #5 Giants, the #4 Knigths, and the top ranked 49ers.

Chris LeMay took a different approach with his New York Jets this week.  He played three games with this club in order to make them the third team to reach the SCPC ten game ceiling.  The Jets won all three, defeating Dallas 16 – 15, Kansas City 14 – 12, and Buffalo 10 – 9, and in the process became the first ‘perfect’ SCPC team with a 10-0 record.  They have now amassed 106 total SCPC points making them the new #2 team.  The Jets trail the top ranked 49ers by 15 points, but have a lot more opportunities to earn additional QWBP than San Francisco.  A breakdown of the two teams shows the 49ers have a slight edge in ‘Points Scored’ 28 – 24 and ‘Points Allowed’ 21 – 20.  The 49ers are also ahead of New York in QWBP 62 – 52.  It will all come down to who beats who as Mike and Chris play games with their other teams.  Of course, a number of other coaches will have teams enter the mix at the top of the rankings very soon.

LeMay has 14 teams in the SCPC with the Jets leading the way.  His Packers are out of contention at 5-5.  His Chiefs, Blazers, and Bills also have five losses.  The Cowboys and Vikings are both 4-3.

Ray Sugg’s DREAM SEASON kept moving along with two more teams winning second round games.  The ‘85 Bears beat the Bucs 24 – 21 making both teams 4-1 and the ‘89 49ers defeated the Cowboys 21 – 14, giving each of them a 3-2 record.

Of Sugg’s 32 SCPC/Dream Season teams two, the ‘72 Dolphins & ‘75 Steelers, are 5-0.  The Packers at 4-0 have a chance to join them while the Raiders, Colts, Bears, and Bucs all sit at 4-1.  Look for some Dream Teams to become bowl eligible and crack the top twenty as Ray completes the second round of play.

In Al’s WMLMF the Ferries came flaming out of San Francisco and burned the Cadavers 38 – 35.  Both teams are now 2-3.  Of Al’s 16 SCPC teams, That ‘70’s Rams at 5-0 and the South Park Cows at 4-0 lead the way.  Both will be looking to earn post season eligibility and enter the top twenty as Al wraps up his fantasy league in the coming weeks.

Another week of solitaire action around the MFCA is already underway, and the SCPC will continue to track it all and let you know whose teams are the ‘best’ out there.  The only way your teams don’t earn points is if you don’t enter their games.  I know there are lots more solitaire coaches out there.  Why not find out how your league and teams stack up?

Note regarding the rankings:  You may note that there are not ties in the rankings anymore.  Teams are sorted and ranked 1 – 216.  Teams with equal points, wins, and losses are ranked alphabetically.  The new program I’m using only allows three sort criteria so I can no longe break ties based on previous rank.  With that said, if you want your team ranked higher than the other equal teams you’re going to have to change their name or play some games with them.  Please don’t change any team names;O)

Big Ten action from the NMEFL

Big Ten action from the NMEFL


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