SCPC Week 23 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 23

Sunday March 3 – Saturday March 9, 2013

Nine-Man action between the Swamp Loggers and Busties

Nine-Man action between the Swamp Loggers and Busties

SCPC Official Stats:

22 new games, 1 new owner/coach, & 15 new teams this week

404 total games, 208 different teams, 19 owners/coaches 9 bowl eligible teams

Here we go with another recap of a great week of SCPC solitaire action from all across the MFCA.

In the final game of the NJLMFL SB56 tournament  the highly ranked Houston Texans downed the Kansas City Chiefs 20 – 3.  Houston becomes the second team to break the 100 SCPC barrier.  The second round of SB56 play has gotten off to a shocking start with the number 1 and number 2 seeds in each conference, all four highly ranked in the SCPC, going down to expansion teams.  The defending champion Columbus Knights started the streak off with a 9 – 6 loss to the Daytoa 500’s.  The Virginia Brigade pulled off upset number two over the Browns 24 – 7.  The Dallas Cowboys fell to the Charleston Pirates 13 – 10.  Upset four saw the New Jersey Generals eliminate Buffalo 14 – 13.

Mike is still dominating the top ten of the SCPC, but with the upsets he had this week the door is open for others to jump in over the next few weeks.  Three of Mike’s seven top ten teams are out of the tournament, a forth, #1 ranked San Francisco, has played the maximum of ten SCPC games.  They can still try to beat down the competition, but will only receive additional points via QWBP.  There a lot of teams poised to jump in.  Read on to find out who’s.

I finally completed week eight of my NINE-MAN League this week.  The Grattan Swamp Loggers literally ran away from the Calwell Busties 34 – 27.  It was a full length, 80+ play game, so the game write up is taking me awhile.  I’ll post it on the forum when it’s done..

Maybe the best SCPC news of the week is out of the NMEFL.  Brian Wittkop and his Northern Michigan Electric Football League’s Big Ten season bring a lot of great college teams to the SCPC.  It’s hard to believe we have over 200 teams registered and this is the first occurrence of great programs such as Ohio State.  Among Brain’s week one results are non-conference wins for Northwestern over Miami 19 – 7, Iowa over Georgia 17 – 7, Ohio State over Clemson 28 – 10, Minnesota over Oklahoma State 24 – 0, Michigan State over Ole Miss 21 – 7, and Purdue over VaTech 14 – 7.  The only Big Ten loss was Wisconsin going down to USC 14 – 3.  This great league consists of the original Big Ten teams so we’ve yet to see Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.  It looks like Brian plans to play a full schedule, so even though his teams are just debuting in the SCPC rankings look for the top Big Ten teams to rise to the top of the SCPC as well.  Great to have you taking part Brain.

Speaking of rising to the top of the SCPC rankings, Ray Suggs’s top DREAM SEASON teams are on a quest to do just that.  In fact, with week 5 of the Dream Season underway we have our first top 25 Dream Team.  The 1972 Miami Dolphins stayed unbeaten and in the process handed Denver their second loss 21 – 7.  The Colts bounced back from their first loss and handed the Ravens their third defeat 17 – 14.  Pittsburgh kept pace with Miami by defeating the Patriots 28 – 10, and the Raiders avoid a second loss with a 14 – 3 win over Jacksonville.

Charles Angell’s CAPEF had a couple of top flight teams doing battle this week.  The Baltimore Colts are now one win shy of becoming bowl eligible with a 21 – 10 over powerful Philadelphia.  Best wishes to you Charles for continued recovery from your recent health battles.

Finally, up in Western Michigan, Al Dunham’s That 70’s Rams also reach the five win plateau with a 21 – 17 win over Egypt.

We are still sitting at just nine bowl eligible teams, all from the 3.3 Limited division, but there are nine 5 win teams right on the doorstep.  Five of those nine have one or no losses!  They also include several teams from the 3.3 Tweaked and 4.0 Inclusive divisions.  With Brain Wittkops’s newly added teams playing in the Unlimited ranks we are sure to see things getting more and more interesting as the week pass.

There you have it.  Short and sweet this week.

I’d like to put the call out to any and all solitaire coaches that it’s not too late to join in the fun of the SCPC.  We still have sixteen weeks of regular season play to go.  That’s plenty of time to get one of your teams bowl eligible, and with a couple bowl sponsors on board already there is going to be more at stake than just bragging rights……………………



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