SCPC Week 21 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 21

Sunday February 17 – Saturday February 23, 2013

SCPC Official Stats:
18 games, 1 new team this week
371 total games, 192 different teams, 18 owners/coaches 9 bowl eligible teams

It was a strange week in the SCPC.  It seemed to be a week of, for the most part, bad teams playing bad teams.  Thirteen games were entered when I went to bed Saturday night.  When I got up Sunday morning – later than usual- five more games had come in.  Of the 26 teams taking part in the first 13 games only 9 had winning records after the results were entered.  The 13 winning teams from those games have a combined record of 31 – 29.  The 29 losses came at the hands of 27 different teams all of whom earned at least two QWBP based on the outcomes.  As a result, there wasn’t much movement in the rankings, especially at the top.  I added in the five games that came in late Saturday night this morning.  There were a few more top tier teams involved but not much more movement was created in the rankings.

Early on it was looking like a quieter week so I had planned to go into some more detail on each game/team and their movement in the rankings this week.  Now that there are eighteen games again I’m going to do it anyway.  Sorry if it gets a little long.

I also apologize for the Sunday update being posted on Wednesday.  All I can say is that life is crazy!

Better late than never, so here we go.

Seven NJLMFL games were reported this week.

The Orlando Thunder defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 – 6.  Orlando now sits at 2-2 23 #95.  That’s a jump of 32 spots.   Tampa Bay is 2-4 35 #50, up six spots.  The Buccaneers had a chance at the end but choked.  The win by Orlando awarded two QWBP to Elpaso and Boston.  Boston who did not play a game this week dropped three spots from #39 to #42 despite earning two additional QWBP.    Elpaso won a game of their own so their status is updated later.

Omaha defeated Indianapolis 12 – 10.  Omaha, 4-3 49, won with a 52 yard field goal as time expired.  The points earned in the win move Omaha up four spots to #24.  Indianapolis is now 2-4 41 moving up five to #36..  Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Houston all earn two QWBP as a result of Omaha’s win.  Houston, #2, and Pittsburgh, #11, hold their place in the rankings while Baltimore drops two places to # 44.

Reno nearly doubled up Washington 17 – 9 in earning their first ever home win..  Reno now has 3 wins 1 loss and 26 points while Washington is 0-4 16.  Reno jumps twenty places to #78.  Washington moves up eleven to #125.  The win by Reno gave top ranked San Francisco two additional points.

Oakland 1-4 23 moved up twenty-two places to #99 with a 10 – 7 win over Portland.  The loss moved Portland to 1-2 14 yet boosted them twenty-one spots to #133.  The Oakland win gave the four teams they’ve lost to two QWBP each.  Virginia #129 moved up three spots, Kansas City held at #54, Buffalo held at #13, and Miami moved up one spot to #16

Montreal defeated Chicago 30 – 16.  This is the most points Mike has had so far playing in his short game rule format -see SI SB issue.  Montreal moves to 2-4 35 and up thirty places to #52 while Chicago gets a boost of just three places to #96 with their 2-3 record and 23 SCPC points.  The Metros previously lost to Cleveland, Hartford, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.  Cleveland #5 and Minnesota #12 held their ground.  Hartford jumped over LeMay’s Jest into the #6 spot.

Oklahoma combined their two QWBP from the Montreal win with a win of their own over Dakota.  The Longhorns sacked the Outlaw quarterback five times in the win.  The week’s results move Oklahoma to 3-2 35 up twelve places to #49.  Dakota, now 0-4 15, did move up nineteen places but are still way down at #133.  Vicksburg and Kansas City gain two QWBP thanks to the Longhorn win.  As previously mentioned the Chiefs held their #54 place in this week’s rankings.  Vicksburg, 4-1 40, also hold their ground at #37.

Like Oklahoma Elpaso combined two QWBP from another game (Orlando over Tampa Bay) with a win of their own over Green Bay 10 – 7.  The Warriors are looking strong with a 4-1 54 status that moved them up nine spots into the top twenty at #18.  Green Bay, 2-4 35, moved up six to #51.  Dallas defeated Elpaso way back in October and used the two bonus points they receive from the Warrior win to hold their #8 ranking.

ECFA recorded two games in week 21.

Houston kept their high powered offense going and handed Texas a second loss 28 – 25.  QB Andre Ware was a big factor on all four Cougar TDs.  Houston avoided being eliminated from bowl contention with the win.  They are now 3-4 46 and move up from #45 to #28.  Texas is a very disappointing 2-2 30, but they did move up from #84 to #65.  Houston’s four losses have come at the hands of Oklahoma State, Texas Christian, Arkansas, and Baylor.  With their two QWBP TCU dropped from #53 to #56, OSU moved up two places from 138 to 136, and Arkansas is up one to #25.  Baylor’s status is updated below.

Texas and Houston’s new rankings were also both helped with a pair of QWBP’s as a result of Southern Methodist Universities doubling up Rice 28 – 14.  The win evens SMU’s standing at 3-3 41 which is good for a jump from #48 to #35.  Rice drops to 1-5 25 and moves up four spots to #88.

Baylor earned QWBP from both the Houston and SMU wins and remain ECFA’s top team with a 4-2 57.  The Bears are up six spots and sit at #14.

The DREAM SEASON brought us the best match-ups of week 21 as the second round of round robin play got underway.

Miami stayed undefeated with a 24-21 win over previously unbeaten Baltimore (Colts).  Miami, 4-0 37, moves up thirty spots from #74 to #44.  Baltimore, 3-1 36, jumps five spots to #55.  Since Miami has not lost to anyone, no one, except them, gets any QWBP from this game.

Denver took out the other team from Baltimore, the Ravens, 17 – 14.  Denver is now 3-1 29 while Baltimore is in trouble at 2-2 22.  The Broncos are #69.  The Ravens are #101.

Denver’s single loss is to the Raiders who need the QWBP they get from Denver after losing to lower division team.  Oakland, from the Unlimited Division lost to Pittsburgh from the 4.0 Inclusive Division 17 – 14.  Pittsburgh is undefeated at 4-0 and with the help of the DBP for the win over an Unlimited team now have 34 SCPC points which is good for the #53 rank.  Oakland, 3-1 32, is right behind them at #58.

New England destroyed Jacksonville 35 – 7 in the fourth and final Dream Season game this week.  New England is 3-1 31 #60 and Jacksonville falls to 2-2 18 #112.  Miami got QWBP since they are the only team to defeat the Patriots so far.

CAPEF had one week 21 contest.

Kansas City defeated Miami 21 – 17.  The Chiefs rise to 2-1 17 and jump twenty places to #119.  The loss was Miami’s first SCPC contest.  They debut at #183.  Despite getting two QWBP as a result of the Chief’s win the Jets drop two places to #45.

Al reported three WMLMF games.

Kalamazoo kept Kansas City out of the win column by a one point margin,   The Killer Bees get an additional two Game Scenario Bonus Poinst since the Sumors are owned by Weirdwolf, and are now 2-3 27.  They rise twenty-four places to #76.  The Super Sumos, 0-5 21, are #107.  Killer Bee losses have been to London 3-1 29 down four #68, South Park 4-0 43 up five to #30, and San Francisco 1-3 24 down three to #93.

New Zealand put the chill on the Arctic 38 – 14.  The Zombies reach 3-2 41 with the win and rise to thirteen to #34.  The Tundra are just 1-4 28 and drop one spot to #74.  The Werewolvs and the Cows benafit from the Zombie win with QWBP.  The Werewolve’s jump up seven to #71.  The Cows got their second pair of QWBP from this win and as mentioned are #30.

The Menonites defeated the Third Reich 28 – 17.  The good guys are now 2-3 28 #72 up from the 105 spot.  The bad guys are a well deserved 1-4 26, up two to #83.  Three Mile Island, Weirdwolve’s, and Egypt all get QWBP from the game.  The Wolves are again #71.  Egypt are #67; down four.  The Waste are also down four at #75.

The MOFL had the final results of the week.

The Pacific Sharks shut out the Possom Lake Lodge Golden Ducts 13 – 0.  The Sharks, 2-1 26, earned three Game Scenario Bonus Points with the win, and jumped all the way from #146 to #81 while the Ducts, 1-1 12, only went up nine to #143.  The large jump by the Sharks is partly due to the fact that they also recieved an additional four GSBP that had been miscalculated from a previous game – oops. The Shark’s loss was to New England.  The two QWBP they earn from the game move them up to #135.

Well, I again apologize for this week’s update being a half a week late and also for it being so long.  I wanted to show how much one game can impact the rankings.  Maybe I’m weird, but I find it fascinating.

Action from the Dream Season

Action from the Dream Season


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