SCPC Week 20 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 20

Sunday February 10 – Saturday February 16, 2013

SCPC Official Stats:
13 games, 3 new bowl eligible team this week
353 total games, 191 different teams, 18 owners/coaches 9 bowl eligible teams

Charles Angell is back into the swing of things.  He completed six games this week: Colts 26 Packers 20 OT, Cowboys 17 Redskins 14, Eagles 14 Vikings 0, Rams 24 Browns 14, Bills 17 Chargers 6, and Oilers 14 Jets 13.  The Rams became bowl eligible with their win.  They are now 6-1 68 and ranked #10.  The Bills Chargers game was a rematch.  The Bills have won both now.  The first meeting was 17 – 7.  That’s consistency.

Mike Veliky rolled along with six games this week as well: Texans 17 49ers 14, Chargers 7 Bengals 6, Giants 22 Show Boats 7, Wildcats 27 Patriots 10, Dolphins 13 Renegades 7, and 500’s 7 Eagles 6.  The Texans 49ers game brought Mike’s mini-season to a close.  With the Championship win the Texans are now bowl eligible with a record of 6-1 88 ranked #2.  The 49ers hold on to the top spot this week.  The game was the 49ers’ eleventh game so they get no points, but missed the chance to slow the Texans’ climb to the top.  The Texans have three games left to earn points.  Their next win may put them on top.  The Giants gained bowl eligibility with their win.  New York is 6-3 82 #4.  Mike noted that the 500’s win over the Eagles was a big upset.  The 500’s have now won two SB56 games, are 2-0 21 #94, and are the most highly ranked 2-0 team in the Challenge.  Keep an eye on this team.  They may be the next Columbus Knights.

Chris LeMay’s Jets, one of two undefeated bowl eligible teams, defeated the Vikings 21 – 20 to move to 7-0 73 #6.

With more bowl eligible teams each week the news of our sponsorships is very exciting.  Now, not only is every SCPC team playing for the National Championship of the SCPC, there are trophies and prizes on the line.  We are over halfway through our Challenge, but there is still plenty of time for any solitiare coach to get involved and see if one of their teams can win the Challenge.

Be sure to check out all the game photos and descriptions in the forum’s solitaire section.




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