SCPC Week 19 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 19

Sunday February 4 – Saturday February 10, 2013


SCPC Official Stats:
21 games, 3 new teams, & 1 new owner/coach this week
340 total games, 191 different teams, 18 owners/coaches

For a number of weeks now I’ve concluded the SCPC Weekly Update with all the action in Mike Velikey’s incredible NJLMFL, but this week we’re going to start there.  As always Mike registered some great games, interesting scenarios, and reached some SCPC milestones.

Mike’s mini-season wrapped up with eleven games: Bears 21 Raiders 10, Saints 20 Seahawks 3, Dolphins 20 Raiders 10, Falcons 28 Lions 7, Thunder 17 Pirates 16, Longhorns 35 Metros 10, Renegades 27 Steelers 21 OT, Texans 26 Wranglers 21, Giants 20 Cardinals 10, Texans 35 Renegades 31, 49ers 31 Giants 14.

Here’s a few comments from Mike on his mini-season and teams.

My mini-season ended up with the 49ers winning the NFC and the Texans winning the AFC. I did play a game with the 49ers and Texans and Houston won 17-14. I wasn’t sure if I should post this game or not. This was a season devoted to finding out who were my strongest and weakest teams. The reason I did this was to replace the bases on the weaker teams to make them better. My goal is to have as much parity as possible for my Super Bowl Tournaments and so far it has worked. I know I am still in the early stages of SB56 and so far I have not had one team totally dominate another. SB56 has 62 entries. Only the Delaware Destroyers and Toronto Rapids were not painted in time for this tournament. I love doing the expansion teams so I can get as many great players into my league. My league consists of players that were active since Super Bowl 1 to present. This gives me 47 years and thousands of players to pick from plus the newcomers coming in each year. I know I said I would stop at 64 teams but I do want to add a couple of more teams from Canada and the USFL so I will be going to 72 teams and then I’ll see from there.

Speaking of SB56 play, Mike also got four tournament games in this week: 500’s 17 Panthers 6, Blues 14 Mustangs 6, Ravens 13 Jaguars 10, Vikings 21 Mavericks 14.

After 21 more NJLMFL games Who’s Hot & Who’s Not?

Redskins 0 – 3 12
Seahawks 0 – 3 9
Oakland 0 – 4 16

The Steelers were hot last week, but an overtime loss to the Renegades ended Pittsburgh’s steak at five wins.  The Renegades would have made the hot list, but after beating the Steelers they lost to the Texans.

Texans 5 – 1 67 – The Texans knocked off the Wranglers and Renegades this week.  With five consecutive wins Houston has risen to #6.  If Mike chooses to enter their Mini-Season Final win over the 49ers they will creep ever closer to the top spot.l

49ers 8 – 2 107 – The 49ers became the first SCPC team to reach the ten game plato.  Fittingly, they are #1 for a second week.  They can keep playing, but may not accumulate any more points based on their games.  They will continue to get QWBP when the eight teams they defeated win games.  San Francisco’s motivation now becomes winning SB56, and keeping anyone from catching them.  They can’t get points for winning, but their opponents also don’t get key QWBP for losing.

Vikings 6 – 1 60 – The Vikings have won six in row and are ranked #10.  It took a goal line stand to hold off the upstart Mavericks.  The Viking’s  schedule has not been the most difficult giving them fewer QWBP than other teams, but they have advanced in SB56 play and will face tougher foes soon.

The Daytona 500’s also deserve mention this week winning their first ever game in a SB56 match-up with Carolina.

The most interesting game of the week may have been the Blues 14 – 6 win over the Mustangs.  What’s interesting is that the two teams have met three times now.  The Mustangs won the first two meetings, but the Blues won the most important game advancing in the SB tournament.

In DREAM SEASON play the NFC West was in action, I believe completing week three.  St. Louis defeated Seattle 28 – 21.  San Francisco squeezed by Seattle 17 – 14.  The Rams are undefeated, the 49ers are 2 – 1, the Cardinals have one win, and the Seahawks are winless.  The undefeated division leaders in the Dream Season and their ranks are as follows: Packers 54, Colts 57, Raiders 69, Rams 70, Dolphins 75, Buccaneers 80, Cowboys 85, & Steelers 86.  As the Dream Season advances it will be interesting to see which of these teams rises to the top of the rankings.

Ed’s College Football Association had just one game, but it was a dandy.  Baylor, led by RG3’s five touchdown passes, walloped previously undefeated Arkansas 45 – 27.  The two teams are the top ranked ECFA teams at numbers 15 and 23.

The SCPC is very excited to have Walt Davis on board as the newest owner/coach.  In the first game on the road to Wally Bowl 3 the Dolphins handed the Chiefs a convincing decision 28 – 0.  We look forward to many great WMEFL games from the Bat Cave.

In the WLAPF the Colts assured the Packers of not being bowl eligible with a 20 – 18 win.  The Colts, now 2 – 2, handed the Packers their fifth loss to go with four wins.  A .500 season is now the best the Packers can hope for, and that won’t make you bowl eligible in the SCPC or anywhere else for that matter.

attachmentThe best news in week 19 however is that C_A_Panther Electric Football is back in action.  Charles is feeling well enough after his bypass surgery to get back to playing.  Charles started off with a new team, the Oakland Raiders, handling the Broncos 28 – 7 in the first game of his Season 23.  Glad you’re feeling better Charles.

Veliky is dominating the Challenge at the halfway point.  He owns nine of the top ten and fifteen of the top twenty teams.  Lemay, Morgans, and Angell are the only other owners with top twenty teams.  That can all change in a hurry though.  Owen, Suggs, and Dunham are all just a few wins away, and now Batman is in the house too.

Which team will catch Veliky’s 49ers?  The total points bar has been set, and the race is on!  The second half of the SCPC will be better than first with even more teams, more coaches, and the first ever Solitaire National Champion.


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