SCPC Week 18 Update

Solitaire Coaches’ Points Challenge Update

Week 18

Sunday January 27 – Saturday February 2, 2013

Super Sunday Update

SCPC Official Stats: 319 total games, 188 different teams, 17 owners/coaches.

Super Sunday is here and the SCPC is adding to the excitement! It seems I say this every update, but the SCPC just keeps growing and growing, so I’ll say it again, ‘Wow ! What a week!’ It was a bit more quiet this week with 31 games entered, but those games really shook up the standings. It’s no longer big news to have a team hit 50 points, in fact, the entire top 15 has reached that plateau. Forty points is required to be in the top 25 this week. As a few teams near the ten game SCPC cap it will become more interesting to see how they fare as other teams catch up in games played, and how their owners strategize to keep their teams on top -see below for a rules clarification regarding the ten game cap. Let’s get to the leagues, games, and new rankings!

LeMay’s World League of American Professional Football had two contests this week. Each of his newest teams, the So. California Sun and the Memphis Southmen came up short. The Sun lost to the high flying Jets who are now 6 – 0 58 #5, and our 4th bowl eligible team. Meanwhile the Packers defeated the Southmen. The Peckers (not a typo) are now 4 – 4 52 #13; with 8 games played they are highly ranked, and hoping for two more wins to become bowl eligible.

Over in Ed’s College Football Association the Texas Longhorn’s high expectations took a big blow as Texas Tech held off a late rally to give the Longhorns their first loss 21 – 14. Tech is now 3 – 2 38 #30 and Texas is at 2 – 1 23 #74. SMU got their first win since week one as they defeated A&M 26 – 14. Both teams are now 2 – 3 but A&M has four more SCPC points. In a late Saturday game TCU, 2 – 3 31 #45, knocked off Houston, 2 – 4 35 #19, 31 – 23.

In Western Michigan the Fairies shored up their defenses and avoided a Bee sting with a 28 – 7 win. It was the first SCPC win for San Francisco moving them to up to #82 from 124 with a 1 – 3 22 record. The Bees, also 1 – 3, have 20 points and sit at #89. In what may be the game of the year so far though the South Park Cows, led by Kenny’s 4 TD’s, hung a SCPC record 52 points on the Zombies. The game of year also produced the quote of the year, “OH MY GOD, KENNY KILLED THE ZOMBIES WITH 4 TD’S! THAT B@STARD!” The Zombies who just got their QWBP tallied this week are now 2 – 2 32 #41 while the Cows remain the WMLMF’s top SCPC team at 4 – 0 39 #26.

Owen’s Skulls got another game in this week. They took down his Dad’s UMD Bulldogs in an OT thriller 35 – 28. The Skulls returned the OT kick-off for the winning TD. Dad’s Bulldogs are 0 – 2 9 #150 while the Skulls are 5 – 1 41 #21. Watch out for these Skulls as they have gotten GSBP with every win, and Owen is figuring this out and plans to play some games between the teams the Skulls are defeating in order to earn them some QWBP as well.

passing leadersTwo late week AFC West games were played by Ray Sugg in his Dream Season. The Broncos beat the Chiefs 17 – 14 and the Raiders won over San Diego 21 – 14. The Broncos’ win earned them a two point Division Bonus as they are 3.3 Limited while the Chiefs 4.0 Inclusive. The AFC West standings are San Diego 0 – 3 7 #159, Kansas City 1 – 2 16 #110, Denver 2 – 1 20 #87, Oakland 3 – 0 25 #67.

Once again we’ve arrived at Mike Vileky’s NJLMFL results which include 21 games this week. Results from the mini-tournament are as follows: Wildcats 21 Outlaws 3, Chiefs 14 Bobcats 7, Renegades 17 Jets 13, Warriors 24 49ers 21, Shamrocks 24 Panthers 17, Wranglers 17 Titans 13, Jets 23 Bridgade 20 OT, 49ers 27 Packers 20, Vikings 31 Shamrocks 20, Ravens 21 Jaguars 17, Steelers 31 Jets 8, 49ers 27 Giants 21, Wranglers 22 Chiefs 17, Oilers 16 Generals 7, Dolphins 30 Chargers 14, Broncos 17 Colts 16, Eagles 19 Lions 6, Bills 28 Raiders 24, Rams 24 Buccaneers 10, and in the SB56 tournament the Cyclones beat the Saints 24 – 3 and the Montana Mavericks, in their first ever game, beat the Falcons 17 – 6.

So, with all that NJLMFL action who’s hot and who’s not? The Falcons, Saints, and Outlaws are ice cold. All three are 0 – 3 and eliminated from SB56 contention. If you want to see their ranking you’ll need to scroll way down the list! The Steelers are hot. Pittsburgh has won four straight games all worth QWBP. They are 4 – 1 58 #6. Easily the top ranked four win team. The Vikings are hot, winning five in a row making them 5 – 1 52 #12. No one is hotter than the 49ers though who played three games this week. Despite a huge upset loss to El Paso the Niners bounced back with big wins over Green Bay and New York. Going 2 – 1 this week alone earned them 26 points. The San Francisco 49ers, owned by Mike Veliky, are our new #1 team at 7 – 2 86.

On a side note the Wranglers’ 22 – 17 win over the Chiefs is a great example of the SCPC points system working to perfections. The Wranglers have won 3 of their last four games while the Chiefs had won 3 in a row coming into the contest with Omaha. Both teams are now 3 – 2. Omaha has earned 14 QWBP in their last two wins, while the Chiefs have a total of just 4. The Wranglers have played a much more difficult schedule, and are winning against teams with wins themselves. The Chiefs have 28 total points and are #53 while the Wranglers have 39 points and are #29.

Recently, when reporting SCPC games, a few coaches have been adding a comment about the game in the score box. Please feel free to do this. It gives me material for these updates.

Finally, with the #1 49ers having played nine games, and several others with eight, I want to remind everyone that teams get a maximum of ten SCPC games. However, that does not mean a teams SCPC season is over once they hit ten. Any games they play beyond ten just don’t earn them additional points. There is still an incentive for teams with ten games played to keep going as every time they beat a team with less than ten wins it keeps that team from getting QWBP and catching up. So, you owners nearing ten games with some of your teams better get out your strategy pads and do some planning.

One final note.  All SCPC information can be found on the MFCA web site under SCPC. Plus, these weekly updates are now being posted in a SCPC blog as well. Check it out and feel free to contribute. Keep playing solitaire, and enjoy the Super Bowl!


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