SCPC Season II Week 12 Update, Sunday, November 24, 2013

SCPC Weekly Update

Week 12

Sunday, October 17 thru Saturday, October 23, 2013

SCPC Season II Official Stats:

10 new games this week

12 new teams this week

1 new owner/coaches this week

85 total games,  94 different teams, 10 owners/coaches

0 bowl eligible teams (six or more wins)

0 five win teams still alive

1 four win teams still alive

7 Months & 1 Week Remaining

Alright, it sure is fun to be back in the saddle tracking the SCPC weekly.  The new database updates the points and rankings in real time as I enter game results, so you can always see where your teams are ranked.  More new features to the SCPC Points Season II web page, and the individual ‘Team View’ pages will be coming soon.

Week 12 was an active week with ten new games, twelve new teams, one new owner/coach, and our first four win team.  A huge Welcome Back to  Brian Wittkop Sr. who had had some health issues, but is now back up and running his Northern Michigan Electric Football League.  Andy McLaughlin’s 2012 Atlanta Falcons are the current number one team in the land, and are our first four win team of Season II.  I think Andy needed to set the record straight following Atlanta’s loss the Saints on Thursday night.  His 2012 Falcons have now beat the 2012 Saints twice in Dirty Bird Electric Football Action.

Andy also entered the first ever tie game in SCPC history.  Wow, it’s hard to believe that in nearly 700 games combined in Seasons I & II we have never had a tie game before.  Chris LeMay had a few, but played them out for SCPC purposes even though his league does allow ties.  Thanks to Andy, Chris no longer has to do that.  Corey made a few quick adjustments to the database and walla! We have tie game results.  In a tie game both teams get only a point for playing the game, and their points scored/points allowed bonuses.  All other bonuses go the the winning team which neither team in a tie was.

Al Dunham’s Midwest Mennonites handed the Arctic Tundra a 42 – 28 loss.  The win moved the Mennonites to 3-0 in SCPC play.  They were the number one team all week.  Until The Revenge of the Falcons II was entered by Andy.

ECFA had a cat fight this week.  The Kentucky Wildcats moved to 2-0 with a 21-10 win over the Kansas State Wildcats.

Brain Wittkop is playing a Pac-10 schedule.  In non-conference play, a SCPC Season I BCS team that finished number four in Season I, the Michigan Wolverines, defeated the Stanford Cardinal 28 – 3.

Finally, in my Nine-Man League the powerful Camp 53 Shays were taken down a notch by the Gatten Swamp Loggers in the final game on my week nine schedule.  I have one more week of regular season play, and then the play-offs, in a season that has now spanned over two years.

Yup, two years.  The SCPC Rules Committee noted that a number of solitaire players, like myself,  take long periods of time to complete their seasons/tournaments.  Only 26 of the nearly 250 teams participating in Season I made the six win requirement to be bowl eligible.  In addition, several prominent solitaire players who did not participate in Season I noted that the SCPC ten game schedule was too much for them to obtain in single season.  They could not get enough games in for any of their teams to be competitive.

Problem solved!

Beginning with the current Season, Season II, at the end of each SCPC season, any SCPC team that played five or fewer games will be able to ‘Rollover’ those games to the next season.  If a team goes 4-1 in Season II they can now roll those games over to Season III, allowing that team to start the year 4-1, and continue working towards a bowl bid.  The rules committee will notify coaches who are eligible to rollover, and provide details on how this will work in regard to scoring the rolled over games at the end of the Season II.  The important thing for now is that this new ‘Rollover’ rule makes the SCPC even more accommodating to the vast array of solitaire styles and formats that make the Solitaire Leagues of the MFCA so great.

The ‘Rollover’ rule also means that a good number of coaches no longer have the ten game SCPC schedule as a reason for not participating.  Bring your solitaire teams and leagues out of your lonely man cave and into the SCPC.

The winning touchdown from Drk's MPANMMEFLS game this week.

The winning touchdown from Drk's MPANMMEFLS game this week.


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