SCPC Season II Week 11 Update – RANKINGS OUT!

SCPC Weekly Update
Week 11
Sunday, October 10 thru Saturday, October 16, 2013

SCPC Season II Official Stats:
8 new games this week
1 new owner/coaches this week
75 total games, 82 different teams, 9 owners/coaches
0 bowl eligible teams (six or more wins)
0 five win teams still alive
0 four win teams still alive
7 Months & 2 Weeks Remaining

Better late than never, week eleven finally brings the first official rankings for SCPC Season II.

SCPC Points Season II can be viewed through the SCPC section of the MFCA home page. Here is a direct link to view the rankings.

This first meaningful weekly update of season II will focus on the new SCPC web pages. I’ve managed to recruit the tech guy at my school, Corey, to get things all set up nice and fancy for us. Corey has even taken an interest in playing some MF so maybe we’ll have a new member/coach soon.

For now keep entering SCPC game results just as you always have. Eventually you will be able to enter games directly into our new database system, but we’re not there yet. I’ll do that for the time being. Until we switch game reporting methods the master list with all games for season II is the same list from season I. It contains all SCPC games for both seasons. You can view this from the MFCA home page under SCPC, but cannot edit it.

Once I take your game results and enter them in the database your teams points for that game, total points, and ranking are automatically updated and immediately viewable on the SCPC Points Season II page.

Once on the SCPC Points Season II page you can see how all SCPC teams are doing. You can click on any team to be taken to that team’s team view page. On the team view page you will see all games and results for that team, and a breakdown of the points for each game. Also listed on the team view page is the team’s owner, total points, current rank, division, and home league (not all info is entered yet). In the future Corey will be rolling out other features on the team view page such as a team logo, photo gallery, and possibly other cool stuff.

As always, please check your teams information, game results, points, and ranking. If you see any errors let me know right away. Our entire system is automated now so there shouldn’t be many errors. The most frequent problem will likely be game results getting reported/entered incorrectly. Any other sort of error that is found should not occur again once fixed. This system is really slick; very professional. Corey is doing amazing stuff.

Take some time and play around, take a tour. We’re pretty excited about our upgrades.

As of right now all but two of the 75 season II games are entered into the database. The two that are not are pending additional information form the owner/coach and/or a decision from the rules committee.

Our current top ranked team belongs to SCPC new comer in Season II, Andy McLaughlin and his 2012 Atlanta Falcons with a record of 3-1 and 24 points. Ed Morgans, Al Dunham, and Chris LeMay all have at least one team within just a few points of the top. One game can tip the scales at this early stage in the challenge.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part and helping out, especially Corey and his amazing tech skills. Let’s all encourage at least one other solitaire coach to join in. The SCPC is going to be bigger and better in season II.

One last note. The season I trophies are now complete and can be seen on the forum. Nice job Chris! Who wants to win one in Season II?

.SCPC Trophies Season I


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