Rules? What rules?

For those of us that play the game by themselves, this is where we start the chat. I know that we all can’t agree on what rules to use, maybe that is why we play alone. But lets at least post some ideas on what each of us use. Maybe some folks just coming back to the “Hobby” will see that its not the same old electric football.
I will start…..There are three main sets of “rules” that I use.
1. I use a play chart to call all of my plays, both on Defense and Offense. Leaves everything up to chance. And that way I cant out coach myself.
2. I use kicking cards for punts and kickoffs.
3. I use passing sticks for passing.
Now, mind you I come from the microwave age, so I need to do things quickly and this is the best way I know how.
Does this mean I am right? Not at all, but I would like to see what others players use.
When playing by yourself, how do you make your plays un-bias? Do you still use the TTC QB. I would think many of the guys that have played for a long time still use the QB. But for me, getting back into the “Hobby”, I don’t want to learn how to use it. Heck, I couldn’t pass as a kid.
So, start posting your rules and lets see how others like to play, and have fun.
Thanks, and keep comments coming…


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  1. eflfanatic says:

    Of course I use the kicking cards for kicking and punting. Other than that I use the basic Tudor rules for game play. I do use a play count method for timing which is basically 28 plays per game. (I keep a play by play record of a game on a sheet of notebook paper and when I run out of lines the game is over.) My games are more offense oriented so whatever it takes to keep it fun. After all a game with a lot of scoring is more fun. I use basic defenses such as 4-3 or 3-4 between the red zones. 5-2 inside the red zone and goal line inside the 5 yard line and mostly zone pass coverage. My solitaire teams have varied greatly over the years from WFL and XFL to ’60’s AFL. Currently working on a ’30’s NFL and Retro ’60’s CFL. I also use mostly 11 player iron man teams and the Fab 5 figures(Tudor, Miggle and Haiti Repro), with my G’s and T’s playing DT and DE, C playing MLB, TE and QB playing LB, RB’s playing DB and E’s playing S. Bases are tweaked for offense so whatever happens on defense just happens. Typically TTC on lineman, QB and TE, and rookie bases on RB’s and E’s.

    To me solitaire is about creating and playing with your favorite teams and just having fun and experimenting with different things to improve my league teams.

  2. Dimitri says:

    Very interesting subject. As a newbie, I hope I’ll learn some tips 😉

    “””I use a play chart to call all of my plays, both on Defense and Offense”””

    What do you mean by that ? you have a chart when you choose randomly the attack and defense ? is that for solitaire play ?

  3. clmdesign says:

    The play chart is something that I have come up with. With a roll of the dice it will tell me what defense and what offense to play. It is only for solitaire play.
    Chris, we are in the same boat. I only teams that I use are from the USFL and WFL. I love the NFL too much to paint up a team.
    The iron man concept is a great way to play as well. In my next post I will show how I like to set things up.

  4. RavennaAl says:

    I’ve been using a chart for the defense for many years. I always play the offensive coach, going against a ‘phantom’ defensive coach. I think for my next season, I’ll try making an offensive chart and be the defensive coach for awhile. I also use dice for fumbles and penalties. That really throws a curve into the game and makes things interesting. I had a team lose a game because a penalty overruled an interception that would have won it for them. Instead, the other team got to keep the ball and scored the winning TD. That’s life!

  5. Lindyhopper49 says:

    I have a stack of offensive formation cards and a stack of defensive formation cards and I shuffle them and pick one of each.

    Then I have some dice (I have switched to custom digital dice on my ipod!) that will dictate run or pass dice that give direction of the run (mid, left, right). I have punting dice with different distances that I use in combination with the direction dice.
    I use pass placement (cause I am TERRIBLE with the ttqb, but I have ordered a TDQ and A TDK so maybe that will spice up my interest in passing).

    I am thinking about combining passing and pass placement: measuring out where to place the passing target, and only after hitting the target is the ball marker placed and board turned back on. This way you can lead the receiver and need to have some passing skill!

    That happens on defense kinda happens…

    I am working on making the entire Ontario university athletics football division. I am doing them in Iron-man teams and I have some NFL teams that i do as 22 man squads (this is precipitated by the 33 facemask sprue 22 on my nfl team then the remaining 11 on my OUA squads). I have to say the last order was dictated by what I need to complete the OUA.

  6. richard says:

    go out and by some index cards.i play as the coach of one team.put different offensive formations on the front of the index cards.
    i usually use about five offensive formations,and make about six mulitple copies of each.on the back of the index cards make different plays up using the formations that you have on the front of the card.make sure to mark every card with a number ;so you don’t use the same card should shuffle them like a deck of cards to make sure the random selections.when you are on defense set up the offensive formation on the front of the index card.then set your defense up against the offensive formation on the index card.
    then turn the card over and run the play that is on the index card.i make specific plays up on my cards.i don’t use just middle,offtackle,sweep.
    i have specific runner,and hole to run pass to.
    if anyone is interested i can post more about how i created this solitare game.the offesive version i close to the defensive version,but it’s set up to save time.

  7. Coach k-lo says:

    good stuff.

    In my version of solitaire, I build each team to the NFL counterpart i.e A Steelers team would be a 3-4 defense vs. Redskins who run a 4-3.

    Since I play in many leagues, I use the “yes I know what is being run, but setup defense like it’s a pre-snap read” meaning I will like up my defense as if I am playing against someone. There are many ways to get there, but this is how I can findout if the team needs to improve.

    Same thing on offense, if a team is a “run-n-shoot” or “west coast” or “power I” – I will run plays out of their base offense.

    next, I will call the play for the offense (run or pass) make pivots and motions, then run the play and let it happen on the field.

    I will pass with the TTQB and use the punt/kick cards for punts.

    I do not do kickoffs unless I working on the special teams of an “active” team. So most of the time teams start their offensive drive

  8. Weirdwolf says:

    Looking forward to your next installment of You’re Not Alone! What’s coming next?

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