Recycling “peel and stick”white stickers for your teams


Today we ‘ll see a little article about recycling. I will not speak about electric cars or ecology : I will speak about miniature football, as usual !

So…You’re a miniature football player (or coach). You certainly have plenty of old number stickers sheets, and you don’t know what to do with ! You should take another eye on it :  as you know, white decals are rare and almost impossible to do by yourself on your personal printer. So, why not recycling the old white number sticker sheets in good looking decent decals for your customized figures and teams ?

SO…First, you need…stickers, and some tools. Take little a little pliers, and a good sharp xacto knife. You can also use a cutter or a razor blade. The work will be also easier with a rubber brush (we will see it later). You need also some acrylic mat medium, wich is basically a thick varnish.


Now, you simply need to cut precisely the needed numbers with the xacto knife. You must try to follow the number borders. The less transparent sticker you ‘ll keep, the better look you’ll obtain. See the picture example :


Then, with your pliers (I don’t know the name in english…it’s a typical beauty tool : borrow it to your whife/girlfriend/mom, or simply buy it, it’s usefull for modelling), carefully take the sticker number. See the picture example :


Now, you have to stick it on the figure. ALWAYS start with one side (top or back) of it, stick it, and then with the rubber brush (or any other soft tool), aplly it carefully on the fig, trying to follow the figure sculpture. See the example picture :


TIPS : Sometimes the sticker can not stick well everywhere under it : you can add a little drop of PVA glue behind it to help.

Once you’ve done that, you need to “seal” the sticker on the figure. Of course, the sticker is thicker than a real decal, BUT on real jersey, you can see that numbers are often flocked or embroidered…So a little thickness does not hurt so much in my opinion.

To seal the sticker, simply apply a coat of pure medium on it. You can do a quite thick coat. Once it’s dry, you can fix defects (shape of the number, make an outerline,  etc…) with a little brush, by the way, because it’s easier to paint after you putted the medium.  Then, apply a second coat of medium, especially on edges of the sticker. It should be suficient to give a good looking aspect, but if you want you can add a third coat of medium.

NOTE :  that medium caoting is not a finish varnish. You  will be able to varnish your figure (mat or gloss) as usual.



It ‘s a quite easy technic to make cheap white number decals. Once you will be used to use it, you can obtain decent results, or even make advanced effects like outlining. Here’s some examples of my personal figures using that technic :



Feel free to ask any questions about that tutorial, and join us on MFCA community forum to share infos and miniature football passion !

Dimitri, “the french guy”


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