Raymond vs Merced. A Grandfather and Grandson, Miniature Football Play By Play.

One of the greatest things about Miniature Football is the memories it creates. As adults, many of us remember getting our first set under the Christmas tree and the excitement we felt as we opened the box to see our first teams! Memories like those are still being created today! The following “Play By Play”, written by Doug Hendricks, preserves the memory of his first ever game against his grandson, Tyler.  The MFCA is proud to preserve their game here as part of our historical archive of Miniature Football.

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Good evening everyone, Miniature Football is on the air. Tonight’s game features the Raymond Bulldogs coached by Doug Hendricks, and the hometown Merced Bears, coached by Tyler Davis. The game is being played at Tyler Davis Stadium, in Merced, California. This broadcast is tape delayed.

The captains are meeting at the center of the field. Les and Junior Hendricks are co-captains for the Bulldogs and Tyler Davis and Sam Scheidt are co-captains for the Bears. Let’s listen in for the coin toss.

“Captain Davis, please call the coin in the air.”


“Heads it is. Would you like to Kickoff, Receive or defer?”

We will receive.

Captain Hendricks, which goal will you defend?

We will defend the west goal.

Shake hands and have a great game.

Raymond will be kicking off and going from right to left. Merced will receive with Tyler Davis at the goal line deep for the Bears. It is a beautiful night for football. 72 degrees at game time, and no wind. The flags are hanging absolutely still.

Bud Messick will handle the kickoff duties for the Bulldogs. Here he comes and we are underway. It’s a high kick carrying all the way to the goal line. Tyler Davis makes the catch and heads up the field. He’s hit at the 12 and falls forward to the 14. Larry Milsap was down to make the tackle for Raymond. 1st and 10 for the Bears at their own 14.


1st and 10 Merced from their own 14. Quarterback Sam Scheidt leads the team out of the huddle. Pro set 2 men in the back field Davis and Ramirez. Scheidt takes the snap, back to pass on first down. Here comes Junior Hendricks on the blitz and nails Scheidt at the 9 for a 5 yard loss. Huge play for Raymond.

2nd and 15 for the Bears from their own 9. Here come the orange and black. Scheidt back to pass, looking, looking, under pressure. He’s got Tyler Davis wide open at the 18, there’s the pass ……………………… oh no, just out of the reach of Davis. He would have scored on that play if Scheidt would have connected. No one was withing 10 yards of Davis, and he can fly. Oh my, that was a blown coverage. The Bulldogs dodged a bullet there.

3rd and 15 from the 9 of the Bears. Scheidt back to pass, throws a swing pass to Davis……………………. Complete!! at the 12, Davis breaks one tackle, then another, and finally dragged down by a host of Raymond Bulldogs at the 20. They didn’t get the first down, but they got the capacity crowd on their feet. That will bring up 4th down.

uan Ramirez back to punt for the Bears standing at his own 5 yard line. Here is the snap. Ramirez gets a high spiral off, wow, what a kick. Gary Milsap retreats to the 25 where he makes an over the shoulder catch. Milsap turns upfield. Blocking is there, he turns the corner and is going down the right sideline. 30, 35, 40, cuts back to his left 45, 50, 45, 40 and if finally dragged down from behind by David Jones of Merced at the Merced 37 yard line. What a great punt by Ramiriz, but he outkicked his coverage with a 55 yard punt!! Milsap had a great return with huge blocks by Junior Hendricks, Bud Messick, Ray Milsap, Manual Ruiz, and Manley Higgins. Jones saved the day for Merced.

1st and 10 for Raymond at the Merced 37. Great field position for the Bulldogs. Les Hendricks leads the Bulldogs at Quarterback. His brother, Junior is the center. Merle Hendricks and Gary Milsap are split in the backfield and Junior Cates is the slotback. Proset. Hendricks takes the snap, Gary Milsap up the middle, across the 35 down to the 30 and fights for yardage to the 24 yard line. 1st down Raymond!! And the Raymond offensive line of Bud and Jack Messick, Manley Higgins, Junior Hendricks and Don Cain opened a huge hole for Milsap to run through. 1st down at the 24 for Raymond.

Here come the Bulldogs. Les Hendricks takes the snap and runs a sweep around left end. He’s at the 20, fighting for yardage and finally hit and dropped by Jones at the 18. 2nd and 4 Raymond at the Merced 18 yard line.

Center Junior Hendricks over the ball. Les Hendricks takes the snap and runs behind his brother Junior right up the middle. Huge hole but it closed quickly and Hendricks is stopped at the 12 yard line but not before he picked up another 1st down. The Bulldogs are definitely controlling the line of scrimmage early.

1st and 10 at the 12. Here’s the snap, Hendricks starts around right end, and whoa, he hands off to Junior Cates who is nailed behind the line for a loss of a yard by linebacker Tyler Davis of Merced. The crowd roars as they like the stand by the Merced defense. 2nd and 11 from the 13 for Raymond.

I formation for Raymond. Quarterback Les Hendricks takes the snap fakes the handoff to Merle Hendricks diving into the left side of the line, and Hendricks keeps it around left end. Oh my, there is a crushing block by Mike Smith and Les Hendricks is at the 10, 5, Touchdown Raymond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 5 minutes left to play in the first quarter Raymond 7 – Merced 0.

Bud Messick tees up the ball for Raymond. Tyler Davis at his goaline. Here comes Messick. It’s a high end over end kick, Davis fields it at his goaline heading for the right sideline. He’s at the 5, 10, and boy is he hit hard at the 12 yard line by Manual Ruiz. 1st and 10 Merced at their own 12.

Sam Scheidt at Quarterback, Davis and Ramirez in the backfield. Here is Davis on a quick pitch around left end. Davis is gonna go for some big yardage on this one. 20, 25, 30, 40 and driven out of bounds at the 40 by Gary Milsap for Raymond. Huge play for Merced and it got them out of the shadow of their own goal posts. 1st and 10 at the 40.

Scheidt has them in a shotgun, 5 receivers out. Here is the snap. Ramirez is wide open at the 30 no one near him. Here is the pass ………………… Oh no he dropped it. Wide open he would have walked into the endzone and he forgot to catch the ball. Scheidt is beside himself. That was a golden opportunity and Ramirez would love to have a second chance at that one. The ball was perfectly thrown, he just took his eyes off of it too soon.

2nd and 10. Scheidt back to pass. Junior Hendricks on the blitz, he has Scheidt by the jersey and throws him to the ground for a sack at the 37. Loss of 3. Brings up 3rd and 13 from the 37.

Scheidt back to pass on 3rd and 10 from the 37 looking, looking, great coverage by Raymond. Here comes Junior Hendricks again. He spins around the blocker, chases Scheidt out of the pocket. Scheidt runs backwards to the 25 where he is caught from behind by Junior Hendricks for another big sack. Boy, Junior Hendricks is a quick defensive linebacker who is tougher than nails. He has made 2 big plays in this drive. 4th down coming for Merced.

Ramirez to punt. Gets it off, a boomer, taken by Merle Hendricks at the 30. Heads for the left sideline turns the corner, 35, 40, 45, 50, 45 and hit and dropped at the 41 by Jonn Spencer for Merced. 1st and 10 for Raymond.

Les Hendricks takes the snap back to pass. Gary Milsap wide open at the 15 and drops the ball!! A sure touchdown again, but the receivers are having a hard time holding on. 2nd and 10 for Raymond from the 41.

Hendricks back to pass, looking, looking lots of time. Milsap open on the left side at the 30. Complete, and Gary Milsap has a first down at the 27 yard line of Merced. Gain of 14 on the play. Billy Blake on the tackle for the Bears.

1st and 10 for Raymond. Time running down for the Bulldogs here in the first half as they hold on to a 7 – 0 lead. Quarterback keeper by Les Hendricks and not much there. Maybe a gain of 2. Let’s call it 2nd and 8 from the 25. Sam Scheidt on the tackle for th Bears.

Hendricks calling the signals, takes the snap, pitchout to the left to Merle Hendricks he turns the corner, to the 20, 17, 16 and is finally stopped by 4 Merced Bears, but not before a gain of 9 yards and another Raymond 1st down.

1st and 10 Raymond form the 16. The snap, quick toss to Merle Hendricks who races around right end. The 10, 5 Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!! Raymond. Oh what a play. The right side of the Raymond line opened a huge hole for Merle and he just sprinted through it. No one came close to touching him. Speed is hard to defend in football, and Merle Hendricks has some to spare.

Here is the extra point by Johnny Snyder. The kick is up and it is good!! And that is the end of the first half. Your score Raymond 14 – Merced 0.

Lets see if we can catch coach Tyler Davis.

Coach what are you going to tell your team at halftime?

I’m gonna tell them that we are getting beat off the line and we have to do a better job of executing. We dropped 2 sure passes for touchdowns or this would be a tie game. We have to come out and score to get back into this or it could get ugly. The defense has to stop Raymond, but my goodness they are fast. We have to wrap them up when we tackle and stop arm tackling.

Good luck Coach and we’ll see you the second half.

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This game is being brought to you by: 5-13 Studios, Buzzball, Electric Gridiron,
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We are just about ready to start the second half with Raymond leading 14 to 0. Raymond will receive to start this half, and Merced will be kicking from right to left and defending the West goal.

Mike Shallenberger tees up the ball for Merced at the 30. Merle Hendricks deep for Raymond. Heres the kick. High, end over end. taken by Hendricks at the goal line. He goes straight up the middle a huge hole is there the 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 45 and finally run out of bounds at the 47 yard line. A 47 yard kickoff return by Merle Hendricks has given Raymond great field position.

1st and 10 at the 47. Les Hendricks takes the snap, quarterback keeper on a busted play, he’s across the 50 and down to the 44 yard line of Merced where his forward progress is stopped by Lonnie Shoot. 2nd and 1 after the 9 yard gain.

Junior Hendricks makes a direct snap to Gary Milsap who picks up 5 yards and a 1st down at the 39 of Merced. Tyler Davis on the tackle. 1st and 10 Raymond leading 14 – 0 in the 3rd quarter.

Hendricks takes the snap, hands off to Merle Hendricks. Huge hole on the left side. Merle is at the 30, the 20, 10, 5, Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snyder on for the extra point. Here is the kick. Its up and its good. Raymond 21 – Merced 0.
Bud Messick tees up the football, runs up and booms the ball down the field. Tyler Davis at the goaline trying to get to the right side. He turns the corne, 10, 15, 20, 25 and knocked out of bounds by Mike Smith. Great runback, and he showed some speed there. He almost broke that one.

1st and 10 for Merced at their own 25. Scheidt back to pass, here comes Bill Oglesbee on the blitz. He’s got Scheidt for a 7 yard loss back to the 18 yard line. 2nd and 17 at the 18 yard line for the Bears.

Here come the Bears. Wide right, pro set. Ramirez the lone back. Tyler Davis in the slot right and NO ONE COVERS HIM!!! Scheidt takes the snap and a quick toss to Davis, who is all alone. 25, 30, 40, 50, 40, 30, 20 he is going to go all the way, 5 Touchdown Bears!! What a play. Once Davis caught the ball it was a foot race to the endzone and the big guy showed that he can really move. Best play of the night.


Merced Scores!

Merced is going for 2. Here is the snap, Bob Oglesbee in the backfield chasing Scheidt and pulls him down from behind. Somebody forgot to block Bob Oglesbee and Sam Scheidt paid the price. He is getting up slowly, but looks to be ok. He is, as he jogs off the field.

21 – 6 Raymond, but Merced is on the board.

Ramirez to kick off for the Bears, Merle Hendricks deep for Raymond standing at his own goal line. Takes the high kick and heads up the middle. Boom he is dropped at the 19 yard line on a vicious hit by Victor Juarez. That was the hit of the night. I hope he is ok. Yep, he is, Merle just jumped up, clapped his hands and said lets go.

1st and 10 at the 19 for Raymond. Les Hendricks takes the snap hand off to Gary Milsap. Huge hole on the right side. Milsap could go all the way. 35, 40, 45, 50, 40 the 30, and finally pulled down from behind by Tyler Davis but not before he picked up 61 yards on the run!! 1st and ten Raymond at the 20.

Shotgun formation. Les Hendricks back with 5 wide receivers. Looking, looking lots of time. He has a man. Touchdown Mike Smith at the back of the endzone. Smith beat the coverage and caught the ball on a dead run and took 2 steps to get to the end zone. What a great route he ran. Credit the offensive line for giving Les Hendricks all day to find a receiver. Here is Johnny Snyders kick and its good Raymond 28 – Merced 6.

Boy it didn’t take the Bulldogs long to take the wind out of Merceds sails. Just when they thought they were getting back in the game, they give up the big play and boom its 28 – 6.

Bud Messick to kick off yet again for Raymond. Tyler Davis at his own goal line. Low kick and this one will be returned for some yards. Davis to the 20, gets a block turns the corner and is headed down the sideline. The 30, 40, 50, one man to beat. Bud Messick the kicker makes a touchdown saving tackle at the 40, but Tyler Davis has a 60 yard kickoff returns. We sure have had some exciting plays here tonight.

Benny Ramirez the lone setback for Merced. Sam Scheidt hands the ball off to Ramirez and he is hit behind the line for a loss of 2 yards. Jack Messick on the stop for Raymond along with Junior Hendricks. 2nd and 10 from the 42 of Raymond.

Scheidt back to pass, chased out of the pocket by Junior Hendricks again. The race is on Scheidt retreats trying to avoid the sack. Hendricks has him and down he goes all the way back to the 42 of Merced. A 16 yard loss and another sack by Junior Hendricks. That brings up 3rd down and forever for the Bears.

Scheidt back to pass, huge pass rush, pass intended for Larry Stull, it is intercepted at the 36 yard line by Larry Milsap. A big turnover for the Bulldogs who lead 28 – 6.

Raymond has the ball at their own 36 after the INT. Hendricks gives the ball to Merle Hendricks who is trying to turn the corner on a sweep to the right side. He gets it done. 40, 45, 50, 45, 40, and dropped at the 36 yard line of Merced after a fine 28 yard run. 1st down Raymond.

Hand off to Merle Hendricks again, around the left side this time across the 30 down to the 25 hit, fighting for yards and finally stopped at the 22 by a host of Merced Bears. The Bears might be behind but they are still playing hard and refuse to quit. 1st down Raymond at the 22.

Spread formation. Shotgun, no running backs. The direct snap to Les Hendricks. He finds Mike Smith all alone in the endzone as the defensive back fell down and its Touchdown Raymond again!! 34 – 6. The kick by Johnny Snyder is perfect and Raymond is up 35 – 6.

Bud Messick to kick off for the 5th time tonight. He has done a fantastic job of booming the ball down the field. Not much time left. This will be the last possession for Merced. The only question is can they score.

Messick runs up, the kick is high, end over end and taken by Ramirez at the goal line. Big hole up the middle. 20, 25, 30, breaks a tackle and reverses his field to the 40, 50 and down to the 43 yard line of Raymond. Another huge return by Merced gives them great field position.

Shotgun formation at the 43 for Merced. Scheidt takes the snap, he is going to keep it!! He is around right end and down the sideline for a huge gain. To the 25, 20, and knocked out of bounds at the 16 yard line. 1st down Merced

Sam Scheidt back to pass, looking, now chased out of the pocket and dragged down from behind by Junior Hendricks again!! What a game Junior Hendricks has played on defense He is one fine player. Loss of a yard on the play. 2nd and 11 from the 17.

5 receivers this time, shotgun formation. Scheidt has no one to throw to and has to eat the ball for a 2 yard loss. Bud Messick, Jack Messick and Bill Oglesbee all combine for the stop. 3rd and 13 from the 19.

Tyler Davis out of the backfield wide open, Scheidt completes the pass and Davis walks into the end zone with a 19 yard touchdown run. Davis just beat the defense with his amazing speed and Scheidt laid the ball in there for the TD. Ramirez for the extra point, and it is good. And that is the ball game. Final score Raymond 35 – Merced 13.

Coach Hendricks. any words for us?

Yes it was a great game. I thought our offensive and defensive lines won the game tonight. They controlled the line of scrimmage. Merced has a good team, and it was closer than it looks. Remember they dropped 2 TD passes in the first half, or it would have been a different game. Thanks for having us on.

Tyler Davis, your thoughts on your first game?

Well I learned a lot and had a ton of fun. Grandpa is a good coach and I can’t wait to play my next game. I am really looking forward to going to Kansas for the Mid America Melee with Grandpa. Uncle Geno is going to help me with some new bases and I need some stronger ones for the line. We got killed in the line tonight.

And that will wrap it up here in Merced with the final score, Raymond Bulldogs 35 and Merced Bears 13. This is the first game for the Raymond Bulldogs since 1956 a span of 54 years!! Congratulations to them on their win.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time on the ESPN-MF Network. Good night.


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