Where Can I Find…?

Looking for miniature football stuff: figures, bases, boards, or other items?  Please check out our many sponsors first. They sell everything you will need from men to bases to fields!

MFCA Sponsors

Another great place to look is eBay.  For the best results search “electric football” or check out our ebay widget on the front page.

Tudor Games, the company that invented Electric Football has all the equipment, complete sets, beginner supplies and excellent bases for more advanced play. Tudor Games



Buzzball Great transition figures from the traditional Tudor figures. Easy to customize.
Electric Gridiron
Extremely detailed figures. Assembly required.
Footballfigure.net Flexible easy to cut for custom detailed figures.
Capanther Old Tudor original teams from the 60’s and 70’s.
Megawatts Very detailed realistic figures.
Tudor Games The Fab 5 original figures, college teams, detailed figure


5-13 Studios Painting, decaling, custom figures
Footballfigure.net Painting, decaling, custom figures
Mike Guttman Painting, decaling, custom figures & scenes
Raymond Dalton Painting, decaling
Ronnie Bradley Painting, decaling
Jim Royall Painting, decaling

Joel Pritchard Painting, decaling, custom figures, custom TTQB’s and kickers
CLM Designs Painting, decaling
Chuck Lawrence Painting, decaling, custom figures
Ed Vaughn Painting, decaling
Roo Morgans Painting, decaling



Tudor Games
Mark Klingbeil/ITZ Productions ITZ Dials, older style bases


The Coordinator
Jim Davis
Joel Pritchard



Tudor Games


Roller Boards Fields and covers
Megawatts Hand built and painted fields
Jerry McGhee Big to scale boards
Weirdwolf Graphic Design Field covers


Chachi Inc. Refs, Coaches, Steelers
Karim Campbell Tweaking pliers
Sean Carter Coaches’ training DVD’s I & II
Mike Beal Decals
Mark Klingbeil/ITZ Productions ITZ Dials, old ITZ figures, peel and place numbers, shoulder numbers, old-school bases, and other stuff.
Roller Boards Field accessories, goal posts