Unreal Solitaire EFL

Presenting the Unreal Solitaire Electric Football League, from Sugar Land, Texas established in 2004!

League Contacts: “Green Bay” Glenn (832) 661-3524
League Website: http://gbgmicrofootball.homestead.com/index.html

Locations: Sugar Land, Texas (Houston Texas Area)

THE UNREAL SOLITAIRE ELECTRIC FOOTBALL LEAGUE established April 2004. To get all the details on the history of this league, click on the neon green League History button on the league website homepage. http://hefl.homestead.com/HSEFL_Unreal_League.html
This league began in 2004 with a single team that got it all started, the Baton Rouge Swamp Moose. Then the quest began to add more “no such” teams with unusual mascots and city location combinations that just don’t exist or shouldn’t be! The league is now 40 teams strong–larger than the NFL!