Jefferson Orleans EFL

JOEFL-600Contact: David Haydel (504) 220-9591 or
Website: None

The JOEFL evolved out of its predecessor, the New Orleans Electric Football League (NOEFL) in 2004. The league stays strong with 10 coaches, including a core group of superb and diverse talent. We use a rule system which takes influences from many of the major systems to forge a wide-open rules set. Coaches are free to use professional football teams from any league or era, or create their own. We use the TTQB or the TDQ/TDK to pass and kick. Figures can be weighted up to no more than 4.0 grams. Any of the modern era figures and bases are authorized for use, as well as customs and “Frankensteins”.

Download our rules here: JOEFL Rules 2011