Dallas MFL

DallasMFLDallas Miniature Football League

Established in 2012 the DMFL operates in North Texas.

Founding members:
Curtis Kitchens
Kevin Kitchens
Steven Reiter

Website: http://www.dallasmfl.com/

The DMFL is a competitive miniature football league operating in North Texas. With coaches from Grand Prairie on up to Denton, TX, the DMFL is no stranger to I-35. Our league is also no stranger to the miniature football legend Reginald Rutledge. Without the vision, principles and commitment to miniature football excellence of Reg, the DMFL would simply not exist. Our rules are based on his Texas Shootout Rulebook featuring “The Box”. His dedication to maintaining realism within the hobby is a core foundation of our league. In an attempt to honor these efforts we named our Super Bowl Trophy the Reginald Rutledge Trophy, a Lombardi Trophy replica presented to our Super Bowl Champion each year. It also goes without saying that the DMFL is also indebted to the many members of the DFW league, especially Don Hudson and Barry Stephenson. The Don Hudson Award is awarded annually to the most dedicated and outstand coach of the year. This past year we operated with a total of 8 coaches and are excited to announce that the league will be introducing 6 new coaches in the upcoming year! Our teams are NFL based and have many “All-time” rosters. We allow most bases to include the full ITZ line. Our league year operates during the NFL season starting in August and ending with our annual Super Bowl which is played the Sunday before the NFL Super Bowl. We conduct a draft in the spring in which coaches submit 3 tweaked bases of their choosing to the pool in which we draft from. Currently the draft has 4 rounds and of course trades are allowed. We track both individual and team stats in detail during all league games. League leaders and stats are updated via our website, and at the conclusion of each year, coaches vote for All-Pro players based upon performance. We have a great group coaches who are committed and passionate about miniature football. We are incredibly excited to be an active part of the MFCA and look forward to sharing our league with all of you. Feel free to check out our website and keep up with our forum posts to come.

League Champions
Season 2 : Brandon Woodard – Minnesota Vikings
Season 1 : Oscar Woodard – Tennessee Titans