Calgary Electric Football League

Calgary Electric Football League

Presenting the Calgary Electric Football League established in 2013, played out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

League Contacts: Commissioner Shane Hoopfer
Commissioner Tory Bliss
Commissioner Nathan Haylett

League Website:

Number of members: 9 Coaches

Locations: Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta

The CEFL is a new league in Miniature Football and may be the first true ‘multi-coach’ league in Canada. The league runs on the premise of being very friendly to new players and doesn’t require any start up costs as each new coach is provided a basic starter team free of charge. Should the coach decide to upgrade their team in the future they then return that original team to the league for the next new player to use!

Games will generally be played in the commissioners garage with the teams getting together once a month. The CEFL is more of a ‘simulation’ style league in which we use a multi-stop system and varied weight limits bases on position. This style encourages a tactics style game play testing the coaches knowledge of football and his team rather than being reliant on base tweaking alone. This style along with a pass simulation system allows new players to the league to jump in and be competitive right away. We also play on scale sized fields where 1/2” equals 1 yard which allows for a open style of play testing both the run and pass games of a coach.

The Calgary Electric Football League is open to anyone and encourages it’s members to get together and have a good time, while also offering some good competition as well. If anyone is interested in checking out the CEFL drop the commissioner a line via email or check out our league page on Facebook!