Mid West EFL

MWEFL-logo2Presenting the MWEFL established in 2000, from the Chicago Area!

League Contacts: Jimbo Dunagan e-mail: jmdunagan@yahoo.com
Website: http://leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=mwefl

Number of members: 8 coaches
Locations: Chicago Land area-Illinois and Indiana

The MWEFL consists mainly of coaches from the Chicago land area, namely Illinois and Indiana, although we have had a few guest appearances by coaches from Texas, Iowa, Michigan and Virginia! Officially, as a league, the MWEFL is currently in its 8th Season, and we have 8 solid Coaches who play in both our College and Pro Seasons. Our league is 1 of 2 leagues (TBA in Virginia) that setup using a Strategy Divider(TM) between our Offense and Defense. Most people think it’s hide-n-seek, but if you know that the 5 offensive linemen lineup in their lettered slots every play and you’re told which numbered slots the receivers are in and you know the QB is behind center and the running back(s) are between the tackles, now all you have to do is play a solid, balanced defense and learn to play your opponent’s tendencies rather than mirroring what the other team does in “open” styles. Nothing is hidden, just the huddle. Same as real football.