Great Lakes EFL


Presenting the Great Lakes EFL established in 2000, from the states of Michigan and Ohio!

League Contacts: Commissioner Jim Davis (313) 300-1214
Commissioner Jamel Goodloe (313) 805-2490
Commissioner Greg Hardmon (419) 508-8994
Commissioner Marty Paris (313) 363-8686

League Website:

Number of members: 30 Coaches
Locations: Detroit, Michigan area, Columbus and Akron OH

Characterized by many great base “tweekers”, such as Jim Davis and Norbert Revels, many consider the Great Lakes to be a strength league. One coach coined the phrase “where the strength is”, but the strongest teams have not always won the Championship. To date no coach has repeated as the G.L. Champion. We are entering the 7th season as the “Great Lakes”, in Season V Patrick Casey(Jacksonville) went undefeated, a truly great feat in a very competative league. Simmie Lassiter is our current Champion (Lions). Our list of coaches reads like a tournament list, so this year promises to be very exciting. We also have many talented painters and figure makers as well. The League formed from the combination of an Ann Arbor league and a Detroit league. As for coaches, we have approximately 30 coaches playing in season 7.

Our games are generally played at Taylor Lanes, a bowling alley in Taylor, MI but also play games in Gary, Indiana, Akron and Columbus, Ohio. We started our season on September 9. Our games are played with NFL teams. We play boxes, 16 boxes per quarter. A two (2) box play represents a play that keeps the clock running and we use passing and set up clocks. Front of base tackles on running plays and 3x threat Qb throwing the ball. We allow most bases and IZT dials. Current weight limit is 3.2 g. We use League Daddy, a great statistical web site that tracks league leaders, team and individual statistics as well as interviews and game photos and footage. So check us out and follow the action all year round! Always looking for good coaches, so if you’re looking to take the next step in your elf evolution, give us a call.

Season 13 Update

The Great Lakes League formed from the combination of an Ann Arbor league and a Detroit league and currently has 20+ coaches. We are entering the 13th season as the “Great Lakes” and to date only 3 coach have repeated as the Great Lakes Champion. This season our list of coaches reads like a national tournament champions list so this year promises to be very exciting! We also have many talented painters and figure makers as well.

Past league champions are
Season 12 Jamel Goodloe Lions
Season 11 Jim Davis Raiders
Season 10 Greg Hardmon Steelers
Season 9 Jim Davis Texans
Season 8 Greg Hardmon Steelers (undefeated season)
Season 7 Simmie Lassiter Lions
Season 6 Simmie Lassiter Cards
Season 5 Pat Casey Jaguars (undefeated season)
Season 4 Greg Hardmon Steelers
Season 3 Erick Thompson Colts
Season 2 Mike Nieza NY Jets
Season 1 Ken Allen NY Giants
And the 1st Ann Arbor league
Season 1 Jim Davis Lions