What is the MFCA?

Our Mission: The MFCA is a 501c7 association with the following mission. “The MFCA mission is to assist the electric football hobbyist by providing an online meeting place for the direct purpose of discussing, promoting and educating the user about the game and hobby of electric football and provide an annual convention which promotes all levels of electric football play and interest. Our motto is: Integrity, Fellowship and Sportsmanship.”

Our Logo: The number 7 represents the seven regions which make up the MFCA. The player is a generic custom figure representative of the advanced detailing that now exists but also carries a somewhat traditional recognized miniature football form. A dialed base was chosen to show the ability to control the figures directions and the ability to coach the teams. The lightning bolt represents the power that propels these miniature men on their bases. Blue shield and red trim were chosen for the representation of the United States, green represents football and gold for the high standard and integrity that the MFCA will achieve. The shield represents the Association and defends our hobby. Seven stars, one for each region.

Our Name: Due to the trade marking of the words “electric football” and “EFL” a name was chosen which the committee members felt best represented the game and hobby we have all come to love and play. It in no way is to be confused or assumed to be a part of any existing leagues and or companies which carry the use of the word, “miniature” in their title. The MFCA is an independent and all inclusive association open to all forms, rules, leagues, coaches and products which fall under the “Miniature Football” definition below.

Miniature Football Definition: Miniature football players on bases which are propelled over a miniature football field through the vibration created by an attached electric motor.