North East Regional MFCA Skills Results

Passing-We had our first perfect scores with Tom Ruesink and Andrew Stewart posting perfect 300’s. The tiebreaker took 3 passes at extra long distances but Tom won as Andrew just barely bounced his last pass atttempt. These guys can really smack the bullseye and proved that practice makes perfect!

Kicking-More perfect scores! 4 of them to be exact. Tom Ruesink, Mike Guttmann, Brian Healey and Joe Greco each scored 300. We moved back to the 40 yard line where Mike and Brian conected. They stepped back 10 more to the 50 and only Brian was able to put it through. Brian Healey could put on one of those kicking exhibitions that you see during the Pro Bowl as he displayed early on with perfect shots from the 63 and beyond. I truly think he could call, off the lampshade, over the soda, hit the crossbar and through and make it!

Fastest Man-We used a different format this time around as men raced in a single lane off of an automatic shutoff which ran the board for 2 seconds. Greatest distance covered in two runs combined was the winner. Two Raiders of the total 15 entries made it to the end of the 40 yard dash runway in 2 seconds on both runs. Jim Davis’s #25 and Raidermans #32 ran a final race at a shortened time of 1.7 seconds and Davis won 17 1/4 inch too Raiderman’s 16 3/8
Good showings were also made by Keith and Robert Chalmers as they just missed getting in the final run by 5/8 of an inch.

Fastest Man Enhanced (over 3.3 weigth) – We had 5 entries in this catagory and Kevin Bodie took home the prize with a combined total of 34 7/8 inches. A full inch more then Adrian Baxters second place finish.

Strongest Man – We used a timed format similar to the speed contest in this event also as men pushed a 7 gram no prongs base for 10 seconds on two runs for a combined total. Jim Davis took home first and second in this contest with a combined total push of 22 3/4 inches for first and 21 1/8 inch for second. Coach Karim made a great showing also with two seperate entries both pushing 20 3/4 inch.

Strongest Man Enhanced (over 3.3 weigth) – Only 4 entires in this one but they were impressive as all contestants pushed for over 30 combined inches. Adrian Baxter, Mike Guttmann and Jim Davis with two submissions rocked the 7 gram base forward with ease. The final winner was Adrian Baxter with a total of 35 inches. 3 1/2 inches further then any of the other contestants.

It was a great competition and I think after this Regionals season is over we will adopt the new methods for fastest and strongest contests.

There was some difficulty with board speed variation in the fatsest man contest but I believe we still came out with the ultimate winner as Jim’s base smashed into the end wall each time. Future contests will be run on a more consitent field and the playoffs in Canton will be fine tuned for ultimate accuracy.


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