Nick and Dad and more…

So Christmas 2006 arrived and Santa came through – leaving a nicely wrapped Miggle Super Bowl set under the tree.  Obviously, Nick was quite excited to see the game emerge as he carefully  😉  removed the paper.  Now I have to tell you this guy was also looking forward to looking inside that box.

Well – as the hours and days passed we based up figures, ran many plays, threw passes and kicked field goals – Nick for the first time and Dad – for the first time in a long time.  And it wasn’t long before we ordered a few more teams and figures and set-up our house league (NDEFL). We spent time online looking at rules and playing styles from various leagues – selecting some aspects for inclusion in our rules of play.  And as regular visitors to the forum know we still continue our league play – adding some rules and deleting others as we go.  It has been a great journey thus far.

Next up – my Thanksgiving post – many things to give thanks for!


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  1. NATIONAL says:

    We are glad to have you as part of the family!!! Great story, brings back memories

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