NEFL – Super League…. Preseason Preview

NEFL-newWelcome back to my blog!

The Miggle action was fun last month and needless to say, my retrun to playing in that event was a mixed bag of fun and disappointment. I will come back and play again, but this blog is not about that. Nor is it about my home league, BEFL (Beltsville EFL). This is about the NEFL – Super league based out of Philly. It is by far the largest league I have played in in my many years in the hobby.
This will be my 3rd season in the league. I am looking to grab my first title here. But the road to the title is filled with many hurdles, as most seasons go, to make it.

NEFL features 32 coaches so the season takes on a “feel” like the NFL. With so many excellent coaches, winning this league title is tough.

Since this is a X & O section, I will only give some breif things you can expect from the coaches of these teams as I preview the 2010 NEFL Season.


Let’s get started…. I will start with the each division and list them by what I am expecting (order of finish) 

AFC  East

Dolphins  – Coach Adrian Baxter * – New to the NEFL, this coach brings lots of gamesmanship and experienced to this division.  Stong passing game and extremly fast on defense, look for the Dolphins to steal the division crown.


Jets – Coach Morgan Scott ** – Coach Moe moves over to the Jets after being fired by the Raiders.  He brings a strong running game and Tough defense to the once lowly Jets.  Having played in the league will make his adjustment to the AFC East easier, but can they defeat the Dolphins??


Patriots – Coach Jerry Fulton – Coach Jerry has owned this division for some time, but will be really challenged to just make .500 in the division.  Lots of passing and good 3-4 defense – can it be enough to hold on to the division crown??


Bills – Coach Kern Robinson – Coach Kern has been in the league a long time and yet to reach the Playoffs.  They have been on a free agent signing campain to get the talent to matchup with the new coaches that have invaded the division.  Can they get some upsets and turn around the franchise??



Cowboys – Coach Al Harvey – This team has been on the best franchise in the NEFL history!  Coach Al has been to the top of the mountain and is always a tough out.  They feature good passing game and a smothering defense that makes them a favorit in the NFC.


Giants – Coach Joe Greco – This team has been snake-bitten in the playoffs the last 2 seasons.  One of the best passing teams in the league, the Giants are looking to make some magic in the playoffs.   Can they defeat the Cowboys to win the division??


Eagles – Coach Robert Chalmers* – Another new coach to the NEFL.  Coach Robert brings a power running game with speed rushers on defense.  His teams are not going to be pushed around, so bring your lunch pale to games with this young coach.  His coaching skills are passed down from one of the true legends of the Hobby…that happens to coach the Bears and is the defending NEFL Champ – but that is another story.


Redskins – Coach Ty Ware – This team has been much malined over the years.  Coach Ty is looking to knock off any one of these coaches that looks past the Redskins.  Team features some good running, but can they find a passing game to take the pressure off of likes of Riggins, L.Brown and a host of others.  This team also needs to patch and develop their passing defense for this division.


Next report will cover the North Divisions


Scoop Clayton reporting………


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  1. detroitchild says:

    Great stuff K-Lo!

  2. the F.O.T.H. says:

    Awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!! We want more!!!

    I think Morgan will take the AFC east this year! In his 3rd season in the league he will look to finish out his schedule.

    Adrian will struggle (to me) with the speed of the game….especially the 6 secs to pass. Teams better jump on him early!

    I’m going out on a limb on this one. I’m going to pick Kern to come out in 3rd place. He missed the playoffs last year, but the year prior to that he took the eventual champion Chargers to the wire in a 1st round playoff game.
    If Jerry comes focused, he may win this division. But he has been running around like a chiken with no head, and I think that will continue into the season.

    NFC East

    The Cowboys won the div last season, the G-men the season before that. I think Joe and his Giants will again take over the East.

    Al and his Cowboys won’t win the div, but I’m betting they go further in the playoffs than the Giants.

    Ealges and Redskins finish out the division but don’t scare the big boys at the top. If Robert can work on his passing……watch out!

  3. Morgan Scott says:

    Man You are straight out the cartoons……

  4. Coach k-lo says:

    hey Morgan, stop quoting movie lines….hahahahaha and give us some real stuff.


  5. Joe Greco says:

    Great job and analysis K-Lo! On Saturday my Giants open with the Cowboys and then Andrew Stewart’s Packers so we will get a real quick idea of how we measure up this year.

    CorEy, as far as your comments, I appreciate your predicting that I will win the division but then you have me making another quick exit from the playoffs. I will have to give your opinion much credence as you have much experience in making quick exits from the NEFL playoffs. :)


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