NEFL – Preview Part 4 – DIRTY SOUTH

NEFL-newNow we are down to the last group for the NEFL Preview 2010.

We will call this one the “Dirty South” to cover both South divisions…..



Titans – Coach Kelvin Lomax – The 2 time division Champ is a little miffed about being knocked out of the playoffs 2 yrs straight ON THEIR Home field!  Coach K-Lo promises to come back with a revamped titans team looking to make a break through to the title game and to win it all.  Titans feature a balanced attack on offense lead by C.Johnson and a swarming defense.  Maybe going on the road in the Playoffs might get them over the hump.


Jaguars – Coach William Chalmers –  The other son of a legend, Coach William brings his balanced attack to try to knock the Titans from the top of the division.  They beat them up last season only to get bumped out the top spot.  Jaguars are looking feed on the new coaches in the division.


Colts – Coach Floyd Tate* – New coach with experience.  Coach Floyd has been known to not make a playoff run in the past, but that was another league.  This rookie coach is coming in with knowledge of most of the team in the division so they will have a chance to do good things in their 1st season.

Texans – Coach Kenny King *- He too is a son of a NEFL legend, but this young coach is making his return to the NEFL.  If he can regain his footing,  Coach Kenny could make some noise. 




Falcons – Coach Brian Healey –  The Falcons, one year removed from the title game, are looking to regain their form.  Now Coach Brian has his hands full in the division with some experienced coaches coming over to put an end to the lockdown that the Falcons have enjoyed.

Lions – Coach Dearell Brevard ** – Special change for 2010, the Lions will play in the South instead of the North.  This is not your daddy’s Lions.  This team can run it with power or toss the ball all over the park.  Coach Dearell needs to stay focused in the Dirty South.  It is a division the could see changes at the top.

Panthers – Coach James Nicholson-  Panthers franchise has gone thru some problems over the years but they thick that Coach James can turn them around.  This coach has been a long time coach in this league, but has not won in a long time.  Featuring a strong running attack, they hope to open up some space in the division.


Saints – Coach Steve Brown *-  this team has not been run the way a team should.  Now that Coach Steve is on board, maybe the Saints will get some wins in the division.  They feature a controlled passing game and big play defense looking to knock off the top teams along the way.


Scoop Clayton with the story………



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  1. the F.O.T.H. says:

    AFC South

    The Titans have enough playmakers on both sides of the ball to keep enough distance from the pack. They limped into the playoffs last year and it showed. A one and done is never a good look.

    Texans will finish 2nd in this division as Kenny King returns. The speed of the game has changed since the young prince stood on the side lines on an NEFL franchise. A self tweaker, we will see what he has.

    The younger of the Chalmer boys…William is the better. A very good passer, and understands the game well beyond his years. Unlike his dad and his older brother…William does his talking on the field. A class act!

    Coach Tate will find wins harder to come by than in any other league he has played in.

  2. Chris Brenner says:

    I am new and am interested in finding a league to join or possibly jist watch until an opening is available. My question. Since u have the liberty bell in your leagues logo, is the league located in Philly” I live in South Jersey .

  3. NATIONAL says:

    Yes sir!!! Chris we kick off the season this Saturday at the John Perzel Center located in Northeast Philly.

    2990 St. Vincent St
    Phila, PA 19149

    Please stop by!!! You will enjoy it

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