NEFL-newHere in installment part 3, I will take a preview look at the NEFL West divisions, also known as the Wild, wild west.


Chargers – Coach Tom Johnson – Defending 2 time AFC Champion, Coach Tom has a team that can win anywhere.   Chargers feature the “LT Train” as in L.Thomlinson.  One of the best RB in the league who has broken many  defenses down.  They also have playmakers all over the defense that only gets better as the season goes long.  Can anyone in the AFC keep the Chargers out of the title game??

Chiefs – Coach Harold King –  One of the founders of the league, Coach Harold has not sniffed the playoffs in some time, but this season they are on a mission to return to the top.  This division has been owned by the Chargers resently, but Chiefs are looking to take over.

Raiders – Coach Will Travers* –  After firing their coach, the Raiders turn to a proven veteran coach to return them to the top.  Coach Will has his hands full in this division.   Prolific passing game and complicated defenses will be coming from the Raiders this season, but will it be enough to unseat the Chargers??

Broncos – Coach Jack Thomas * – Another rookie coach in a division that is tough to say the least.  Coach Jack will have to make the learning curve small if the Broncos are to make a dent in the West.  Another runnign team that can pass, the Broncos are looking to make some noise, but how much??



49ers – Coach Corey Johnson – This team has won this division hands down over the years.  Problem with Coach Corey is that he has not won a playoff game in the NEFL in some time.  Rumor has it that since he had a breakthrough in another league, the playoff monkey is off his back.  That has yet to be determined and the rest of the division is hopping mad to knock them off the top.

Seahawks – Coach Jamie Harris –  Seahawks have been to the title game, but have had some down seasons lately.  Coach Jamie has been itching to get this season started to return to the top of the division as well as to the top of the league.  The power running could get some wins, but it’s going to be the passing game that will help or hurt this team. 

Cardinals – Coach Karim Campbell –  Cardinals are looking to make their continued improvement they have made under Coach Karim.  This team features a smash-mouth running style mixed with little passing.  The defense will be hard to run on, but have they improved the passing defense to complete with the 49ers of the world.  if the Cardinals find a more successful down-field passing game, lookout!

Rams – Coach David El*-  This is one of hard-luck teams in the NEFL.  The coaching has been suspect for this franchise in the past.  Coach David is hoping to turn that around in his return to the NEFL.  Rams will need more than just players on the field this season if they are going to put some wins on the board.


next up – South side!


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  1. the F.O.T.H. says:

    Top dawgs in the west will win hands down..Chargers & 49ers are head and shoulders above the rest.
    I’m interested to see which rookie in the west makes some noise.

    I see both divisions finishing in the order they are listed.

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