NEFL-newWell, after the long off season, the NEFL resumed league play for the 2010 season.

After much discussions and previews from all over the place, games have been played and scores are in the books.
Much to my suprise, some teams are gettin off to a slow start while others are trying to stay close to the leaders.

There were 6 teams that did not play [Chargers, Raiders, Patriots, Browns, Bucs and Panthers] and they fall 1/2 a game back and they did not even suit up.  Now its on to the rest of the league.


The Bills open the season with 2 big wins.  They are the current front-runner for this division.

Dolphins split their Opening 2 games but the Coach found out what it is like in the Big League. 

Jets fall back 2 games.  They really need to rework the offensive play  calls to generate more points.


Bengals open the season with a big division win over the Ravens. 

Ravens split their opening weekend.  Still will be in the hunt in the end…

Steelers drop their first 2 games of the season.  Coaching staff is hopping this will not be the norm or a repeat from last season.


Colts open their season with strong wins.  This a another of the early season surprises for the league.

Titans escape with 2 opening day road  games within the division.  Early lead can be a good thing.

Texans (1-2) Got a big win in the opener, but then lost 2 straight division games.  They put themselves into a big hole.

Jaguars dropthe first 2 games of the season after a tough playoff run last season.  It’s not too late to get back in the race. 


Chiefs drop their first 2 games, one in a thriller against the Defending Champ, but they will be around in the end.

Broncos looked rusty and the defense showed promise but the offense was a no-show.


Cowboys jump out the gate with big wins over Giants and Dolphins to reestablish that they are back!

Eagles open the season with a loss, but the coach is not worried for it is a long season to get that game back.

Redskins get a “L” to start the season, but new Coach Gibbs is looking to return the team to past glory.

Giants – This is the biggest opening weekend surprise.  They drop 2 games in a row and to conference teams that will make the climb back into the hunt more difficult.


Bears pickup right where they left off.  They get big win over the Chiefs and then punch the Vikings in the head.  Still the team to beat.

Packers look good out the gate.  Knocking off the Giants was no little task. 

Vikings – split the opening weekend, but it looks like they have found lost glory and put some of that on the field in one of the games.


49ERS open the season 3 wins out the gate.  They are poised to win another West title.

Cardinals have some play-calling issues, but played well enouth to win but too many bumps to overcome.

Seahawks played very well only to lose in overtime

Rams (0-3) no looking good, could be in line for the 1st pick in the draft.


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  1. detroitchild says:

    Good stuff guys!

  2. the F.O.T.H. says:

    Where is the NFC south??????? Great stuff Lo

  3. Coach k-lo says:

    Sorry…. I hit send too soon….

    NFC South
    Falcons sitting in the normal driver seat at 2-0.

    Lions 2-0, new to the division looking to make it tough.

    Saints look tough if they can fix their passing defense…

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