National Miniature Football Day Announced

Published June, 2007

It is not often in ones life that the opportunity arises to make a proclamation.

Back a few hundred years ago there were lots of proclamation opportunities. For instance, “I claim this land in the name of her majesty” or “I declare my independence from England” etc. etc. Proclamations, declarations come only in small instances these days and are miniscule in comparison. i.e. “I proclaim today to be National Heifer Day” or “The city of Davenport proclaims today to be Jordan Sparks Day!” (American Idol winner for you who may be uninformed.)

So I got to thinking. I’m president of the MFCA and no, it hasn’t gone to my head all though I did order the beheading of some figures recently to make weight. Anyway, when my term runs out in three years I will be looking to leave some kind of legacy marking my days in office. All presidents leave some kind of mark in history. Some are remembered for misplaced cigars and others for founding a country or freeing a people.

The declaration I will proclaim today will not be as noticeable as the aforementioned presidential remembrances but for those of us who love miniature football it could mean just one more day of fun. Fun is what I want to be remembered for. As serious as I take the goals and accomplishments of the MFCA when it is all said and done the most important thing is that the game of Miniature football is just a bit more fun.

So here goes. I, Lynn Schmidt, acting first president of the MFCA, do hereby declare and proclaim that for time now and into eternity that all people shall on the day before Fathers Day play, recognize and celebrate the game of miniature football!

Why that day you ask? I could have chosen many days for this day of celebration; my birthday, the opening day of the NFL, Jordan Sparks Day. Ultimately it came down to this. Every Fathers Day, MY DAY, I am asked what I want to do and every Fathers day we don’t do that! Instead, I usually spend Fathers Day doing something the family wants to do because the kids still need to be entertained and the wife still loves to eat out and that’s what a good Dad does but deep in the back of my mind all I can think about is playing MF. So knowing full well that Father’s Day isn’t really going to be like I want it why not make the day before into a real Father’s Day. A day that I can stand proudly in my living room in front of my family and say, “Today, I am going to the basement and will not be back till tomorrow because it is National Miniature Football Day and it is my duty to celebrate it!”

So for one day a year without guilt or reservation throw out the honey do list, let the lawn grow a little higher and either lock yourself in the basement with the NFL Network on the tube and a 6 pack in the cooler and break out that new custom team you just received in the mail or head down to your leagues game day venue and enjoy a day of MF. It’s National Miniature Football Day, June 16th, 2007. Mark it on your calendar, get your game on and celebrate Miniature Football. Now where did I put that cigar?

Lynn Schmidt
MFCA President


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