Modeling Tutorial : Add Real Hands On Your Figures

Hi, in this new article, I’ll explain how to make real hands on any figure you may have. Adding real fingers on your miniatures figures is a nice addition, and it’s easier than you may think.

You will need :

a sculpting metal tool (or a any metal or wood home made tool, like a toothpick for example)

some “green stuff” professional modelling putty  (easy to find in wargaming shops, or on ebay, it’s quite cheap in small quantities)

usual miniature football modelling tools : clipers, scissors, xacto knife, fine sandpaper gel superglue, etc…


For the tutorial, I will use an old figure I have. I took especially a little figure (not a “bigmen” size) to show you that technic is easy even on small figures.  You can use that method on any figure brand.

Step 1 : preparing the figure

First, remove paint (if you’re customizing an old painted fig), and use some fine sandpaper (about 120-240 range) on the figure hand. It will help the putty to stick on it. Do that on new figures too. On some figures, glueing can be difficult : use stronger sandpaper if needed. And finally, remove any grease on the figure (you can use soap and water).  It’s very important !


Step 2 : preparing the fingers

Now, make a little ball of green stuff. Then, with your fingers make a very thin stripe with it, like on the pic.


Then, with your Xacto knife (or cutter, rasor blade, etc…) cut bits in it. The bits will represent the fingers. Make them longers than real fingers, in the next steps it will be easier.


Now, you have your fingers ! You need to make some surgery on your figure…


Step 3 : miniature surgery

With your modelling tool (or toohtpick or whatever) carefully place the putty bit on your figure ‘s hand. Personally I always do the middle finger (sorry I don’t know the english name of it), because it’s easier to obtain a good balanced look like that.


Now, you need to squeeze the putty on the figure hand. It will help it to stick on it, and it will give a good looking result too. See this example pic :


TIPS : the putty can stick to your tool too ! A good idea is to use vaseline, grease, oil or any lubricant on your tool (we are speaking of miniature modelling of course…but I bet that statement should make the website very popular on google ! ^^ )

Now, repeat the operation for t.he five fingers. You should obtain that result, a sort of alien hand. DOn’t be afraid, it’s exactly what we want !


Step 4 : correct the hand

Now, use a clipper, a manucure scissors, or something like that, and cut the fingers. Observe your own hands, and make the same on the figure, like on the picture. DOn’t make it too short, because you will need to make fine ajustements in the next step…


The problem is that the fingers looks too square, not realistic. SO you need to use sandpaper on it, or you can try to heat it with a lighter too. BUT BE CAREFULL : the green stuff can easily burn !

Once you ‘ve done that, you should obtain a result like on that picture :


Now, if you see the interior of the hand, it should look less good…So use some gel superglue, apoxy sculpt, acrylic heavy gel, or whatever you want to make the inside hand more “one piece shaped” (difficult to find the correct english translation…). On my example figure, I simply used a little bit of gel superglue, and shaped it with a tooth pick. Easy and fast.


Final step : painting and conclusion

Yes, you’re right, the tutorial is over after only  4 steps !  It’s easy and fast.  Now just paint your figure like you want (or read my other article on painting skin tones in the “painting tips” section of the website), and here’s the final result :




I use green stuff for two good reasons : it sticks a lot, and keeps a relatively flexibility once it dried. It avoids the problem of broken fingers !

You can make diferent hand shapes. Use your own hand for example. You can also bend the fingers : a good tip is to wait a little (about 1/2 or 1 hour) after you placed the fingers on the hand, so you will be sure that the fingers are well “glued” on the figure.

I hope that small article will help you to have new fun in MF modelling, and will help your to improve your own skills !

Dimitri, the french guy


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  1. david roller says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks Dimitri!!

    Your modeling skills are incredible!


  2. Dimitri says:

    Thank you , but believe me , it’s not a “skills demo” : it’s a real beginner/average level modelling tutorial. No magic tricks or anything, just a square and simple technic 😉

  3. detroitchild says:

    You did it again my friend. I feel comfortable enough to try this.

    Thank you Dmitri!

  4. Coach k-lo says:

    Frenchy D,

    Great stuff!!! Looks real easy to do from you examples. Thanks for sharing another aspect of the hobby from an artist point of view.


  5. CoachRip says:

    Great stuff Dimitri!

  6. Dimitri says:

    thanks for the comments!

    These days I work too much to be able to make another modelling article, but be sure I’ll do as soon as possible !


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