Miniature Football Rules for the New Coach

The MFCA , using the original games Tudor Rules as the foundation, have updated and created this set of rules for use by the beginning or returning coach for the sole purpose of helping the new coach faster understand how the game of miniature football is played. An advanced set of rules is currently being developed by a committee that will further detail the many new and creative rules that can be found across the country.  The advanced set of rules will allow the coach to incorporate select parts into the basic rules presented here for added excitement and more realistic play.

Click the links below to download the pdf or Word version.

PDF:  Miniature Football Rules for the New Coach

Word:  Miniature Football Rules for the New Coach


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  1. detroitchild says:

    Any comments on the rule set for new coaches?

  2. Dimitri says:


    It’s the ruleset I choosed to start to play. I already have a sample of it, and I’m learning it. i’ll post feedback soon.

  3. Dimitri says:


    I’m currently reading it, and some things are confusing for the newbie I am. I posted detailed questions here :


  4. efzone says:

    I think that this is a great general set of rules to play by.

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