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Championship Game between Joe Greco and Adrian Baxter.

Championship Game between Joe Greco and Adrian Baxter.

The MFCA Convention 4 just ended this last weekend and it was an incredible event. Health issues for some, jobs and the economy kept some of the most loyal MFCA members from attending this year. These guys, such as Joe Allore, Tim Young, Matt Culp, Dave Roller and many others were missed, but the show went on! Many newcomers helped make up the difference as new HOF inductees, Ron Bell and Myron Evans came this year along with other first timers Ron Minni and John DiCarlo from Rochester, NY, Dru Sparks, Antonio Jones and David Evans. These guys helped make this event an incredible success. Even though the numbers seemed down from previous years we still had over 32 coaches in attendance and 22 of these played in the first MFCAL tournament using our new formatted rules.  Big thanks go to Ken Allen, Chris LeMay and Joe Greco for creating this rule set which will become a standard for future play.

We will have much more to report soon, but for now enjoy the photos and take a look at the list of winners!

Start preparing NOW for next year, August 3-5, 2012 as you will not want to miss the next one! Plans are already in action!


Rollerboard Raffle
Brian Healey

Jennings Facemasks Raffle
Dru Sparks

Miggle Superbowl Field Raffle
Dearell Brevard

Buzzball Figures and Bases Raffle
Peter Bearse-figures
David Evans-figuresMark Cesario-figures
I forgot to write down everyone that won bases. I know David Evans and Ken Allen each won some.

Paint/Custom Competition
Classic: Chris Robinson-painter Brian Healey-Owner
Enhanced: David Evans

Skills Competition
Passing: Adrian Baxter tied Jim Davis with 210 pts. Adrian won the playoff with 230 to 160 points
Kicking: Chris Fields 300 pts
Fastest Man: Chris Fields 35 4/8 inches
Fastest Man Enhanced: Will Travers 36 4/8 inches
Strongest Man: Jim Davis 11 2/8 inches
Strongest Man Enhanced: Jim Davis 35 4/8 inches

The Great Tweak Off Speed
1st: Jim Davis 28 5/8
2nd: Dearell Brevard 28 1/8
3rd: Will Travers 26 5/8

The Great Tweak Off Strength
1st: Al Dunham 5 4/8
2nd: Dearell Brevard 3 6/8
3rd: Will Travers 3 5/8

Route Running Contest
No competitors all though Ken Allen testing the field did it with 1 man on 2 tries!

Flame Keeper Award (formerly the Presidents Award)
Derrick Gross
Mike Guttmann

The Daley Award Traveling Trophy
The Mid Atlantic Region
Adrian Baxter
Dru Sparks
Dearell Brevard

The Lee Payne Award
Frank Johnson

MFCAL Regular Season Trophy

Norbert Revels

CPC Champion
Adrian Baxter

MFCAL Champion
Adrian Baxter

Hall of Fame Inductees
Myron Evans
Ron Bell


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