MFCA Photo Contest

The contest was postponed till a later date to be announced.

For MFCA paid members only. (Sign up here- )

Photo by Reginald Rutledge

Photo by Reginald Rutledge

The MFCA is taking a slightly different route with our annual paint and custom contest.

This years contest will be an online photo contest (its all about the photo). The rules are even simpler than ever. There will be two categories. Single pose and Scene. The only rules are that they MUST be on a base and you must be a member of the MFCA. The base is what sets our game apart from everything else and defines to the viewer that this is Miniature Football. Thus, the figures MUST be on bases!

Single Pose-One figure alone in the photo on a base in ascene or studio setting.

Scene-Any number of figures on bases in any setting.

Again, this contest is not as much about the custom or the paint job as it is about the photo.

The winner in each category will receive a MFCA Medal and a prize to be announced soon.

Select photos from the contest will be used for next years trading cards and or calendar.

The winner in each category will receive a MFCA Medal and a cash prize based on the number of entries received. The first place winner will also get their next year’s MFCA dues paid.

Select photos from the contest will be used for next year’s trading cards and or calendar.

Starting November 1st you may submit entries as long as you are a MFCA member. Send all entries to

Voting will begin November 23, 2009 and the winner will be announced December 8, 2009.

49ers center by The French Guy

49ers center by The French Guy


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  1. Coach k-lo says:

    how do we post a picture for this???

    what is the link??

  2. Treks1 says:

    I love to see all the entries! I am already building my “photo shoot”. Its on a poppin

  3. Treks1 says:

    I mean on AND poppin. :)

  4. Weirdwolf says:

    I’ll have it up soon…it’s will be on this site. If you have some you want to submit prior to the 1st, send them to

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